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Hope Breaks Through by Jim Baton November 9, 2020

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The tension in the town of Hope builds to a climax in this thrilling conclusion to the Hope Trilogy. A major setback for those pursuing a citywide transformation drives them back to the House of Prayer and opens them to new partnerships with others. Change begins to infiltrate the spheres of business, education, media and the arts, resulting in all-out war with a corrupt government. Teenagers Kelsey and Harmonie are once again at the epicenter of shaking their city as they investigate a murder and fight for social justice, determined to see their town finally come into its destiny.

The Hope Trilogy is written for those who are hungry for God’s revival and transformation of their communities.

My thoughts:

I have read this whole trilogy and I was eager to see how things would play out in Hope.

This story is definitely encouraging, especially in the time we are living in now. So much division. This book will encourage you that there is hope and God can be a uniting factor.

However, I must address something to my readers. If I had read this book a year ago I would have had no issues whatsoever. But, as some of you know, after watching American Gospel and being angry at God all of the time because I thought He should be fixing things in my life and he wasn’t, even thought I had great faith, my eyes have been open to deception I have been living in for years. With that being said this book follows along the lines of what I used to believe and I no longer do.

If you read this book as fiction there are no issues, but the author addresses many of the supernatural happenings at the end of the book stating that friends and family have experienced these things. I am not here to argue but to simply state I don’t agree with this theologically. Not to say God doesn’t work supernaturally, I do believe He can, but I think we need to be careful not to focus so much on signs that we miss the best sign of all, the cross. Test everything against Scripture.

Again, if you read these books as fiction then they can be very encouraging. It really does give hope communities can change through the power of Christ.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the author. All opinions are my own.


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