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More Than a Healer by Costi Hinn November 24, 2021

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Find hope that lasts beyond earthly pain and spiritual encouragement to lead you into a deep relationship with the Healer himself. 

Our hearts, our bodies, and our world are desperate for healing. Whether we are experiencing physical, emotional, or financial brokenness, we rightfully look to Jesus to perform a masterful restoration. But how does healing fit into God’s will, especially when God doesn’t heal? And how do we catch ourselves from slipping into the trap of seeking God for what he can do for us, and not for who he really is?

Author, pastor, and frequently sought speaker Costi Hinn provides clarity through thoughtful answers and biblical truths about Jesus and his healing ministry. Growing up immersed in one of the world’s leading faith-healing dynasties, Costi witnessed the tragedy of people chasing after healing more than the Healer. And now he shares with others the true power and hope that comes from a genuine relationship with God. 

With captivating stories–beginning with the vivid memory of the night he discovered his son’s cancer diagnosis–Costi empathetically unpacks the layered feelings and questions we have about God and his healing power and provides practical principles for growing close to Jesus. With gentle clarity and biblical wisdom, Costi explains how to pray for healing while submitting to God’s sovereignty, navigate tough conversations about the topic, and hold on to faith even in the most painful trials. 

More than chasing after the Jesus we want, this hopeful and encouraging book will guide us to discovering the Jesus we truly need.

My thoughts:

When I heard that Costi was coming out with this book I couldn’t wait to read it. He played a part in me walking away from the prosperity gospel (even though I didn’t even know I was in it). When I was in that I focused so much on God healing and receiving spiritual gifts. I believed God owed me healing because I was faithful to Him and many of the teachers I listened to taught me that it was God’s will to heal all of the time.

God is a healer but He is so much more and that is what this book walks you through and Costi shares his own testimony about his son.

So many good qoutes I highlighted throughout this book, here are a few:

Page 33, “We must be reminded that the Christian faith is not about feeling, it’s about knowing.”

Page 51, “If Jesus’ being your Savior isn’t enough for you, you are in serious, spiritual danger.”

Page 167, “Understanding that Jesus is more than a healer means understanding that he is deserving of your thanks no matter what you are facing.”

If those quotes got you thinking or even feeling a bit convicted this might be a great book for you!

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.


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