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Enchanting the Heiress by Kristi Ann Hunter March 2, 2022

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Miss Harriet Hancock enjoys playing the role of eccentric heiress, using her wealth and influence to cleverly and anonymously better the lives of those in Newmarket. Though she keeps people at a distance to protect a years-old secret, when her friend pleads for help on a personal project, Harriet can’t resist.

Stable hand Jonas Fitzroy would do anything for his twin sister, even if it means seeking out the woman whose meddling ways have made him wary and suspicious. The last thing he expects is for Miss Hancock to request his help in writing a book. Intent on revealing her underlying plan, Jonas agrees.

As they work together, an unexpected friendship forms. But when things for once don’t go according to Harriet’s plan, she’s left wondering if good intentions might not be enough. Is there a way to mend the broken pieces of her life? And will Jonas give her another chance at his heart?

My thoughts:

This was an interesting match. I wondered how Kristi would be able to bring these two very different people together into a romance.

I will say this wasn’t my favorite book I have read by Kristi, for some reason I just didn’t get absorb in the story like I normally would but it was still good and still well done. Just wasn’t my favorite.

It is always fun to meet up with previous characters in Kristi’s story. She has create a great cast that are all so kind to each other.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.


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