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Review and Giveaway: Mistletoe Village by Kathleen J. Robinson July 21, 2022

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About the Book

Book: Mistletoe Village

Author: Kathleen J. Robison

Genre: Holiday Romance

Release date: November 30, 2021

Two broken women, two defeated children. Can Grace offer what they’re looking for? When the big city holds nothing but painful memories for sisters Rence and Sandy, they pack it up and head out for Grace and the promises it holds.

Promises of a new start. A new job at Grace General for Rence and a place to begin healing. But most of all, a promise to each of the sisters’ hurting children that a real Christmas awaits them in Grace, complete with snow on giant evergreens and lots of Mistletoe Magic.

But despite its Christmas card atmosphere, Grace, Oregon seems to hold a lot of secrets. Who is that giant of a man they encounter in the woods? Why won’t anyone talk about him? What is the hold the past seems to have over the town? Will they be able to break it before history tragically repeats itself? And will Grace be the place where love and forgiveness finally meet?

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About the Author

Kathleen J. Robison is an Okinawan-American, born in Okinawa, and raised in California, Florida, Mississippi, and Singapore. Her travels and her family are the sources of her inspiration for her books. Kathleen and her Pastor husband have eight adult children. Seven are married, blessing them with eighteen grandchildren and counting. Her ethnically diverse background extends to her family of currently thirty-five personalities which provide many opportunities to share God’s amazing love amidst the challenges of real life.

More from Kathleen

I love Christmas stories, and since becoming an author, I’ve wanted to write one. Mistletoe Village started out as Mistletoe Hermit, but then it wasn’t going in quite the happy direction that I wanted. So Mistletoe Village was born. I wrote this sweet, cozy, slightly suspenseful romance with all the elements that make Christmas … Christmas! But most importantly, it’s always about the faith element, Christ.

The main character Rence Paladin is dear to my heart. She was created with someone extraordinary in mind, and I had that person read the book to see what she thought. When she finished, she turned bright red and answered, even if you hadn’t told me … I knew it was me! However, it’s not her story, but it encompasses her delightful personality, some of her sweet memories of a single-mom, and how she strives to keep her focus on Christ while always serving others.

So let’s go. Let me take you to Mistletoe Village. You’ll find a little of everything that oozes Christmas in the tiny town of Grace. Holiday spirit, decorations, a children’s church pageant, and a Christmas festival. Oh, and I’ll introduce you to little Gus, the feisty family cock-a-poo. But most of all, I hope you, like Rence and Carl, rediscover the joy of Christmas at Mistletoe Village.

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To celebrate her tour, Kathleen is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and paperback copy of the book!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

My thoughts:

So, let’s focus on the story first. Overall, it was an interesting and heartwarming story. Definitely recommend reading it closer to Christmas, I was reading it outside on my deck in 80 degree weather. I think I would have gotten the “Christmas feels” if I was reading this in November or December.

I could relate to Rence in that she judged people and gave them labels. I tend do this and I appreciated her scolding herself to stop doing that. I also appreciated that faith was an important factor of this book and the characters lives.

I will say after the first two chapters I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep reading, it seemed like an immature writing style and people just popped up in one place and then another without a transition or page break (which could have been a formatting thing but I don’t think so since other places had clear page breaks). But the writing seemed to get better as the book went on and I enjoyed it.

There were several editing errors, again, maybe this was an advance reader copy? Not sure, but commas in places that didn’t make sense and quotation marks in the wrong places. This didn’t ruin the story, just made me pause and reread to make sure I knew what was going on or who was talking.

There was also a lot of staring going on by characters who were attracted to each other, to the point if this happened in real life it would be very weird. This seemed to be the authors preferred way to show attraction to another character. A little staring is okay but every time just gets weird.

Overall, a nice read and with a great message.

Grab your copy at Amazon, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through Celebrate Lit. All opinions are my own.


5 Responses to “Review and Giveaway: Mistletoe Village by Kathleen J. Robinson”

  1. Rita Wray Says:

    Sounds like a great story

  2. Debbie P Says:

    I really like Christmas stories and this sounds like a good one. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Marisela Zuniga Says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book, thank you for sharing

  4. Beatrice LaRocca Says:

    Such a pretty cover! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Mistletoe Village, this sounds like a wonderful read and I am looking forward to it

  5. Jeanna Massman Says:

    I love the cover. It sets the tone for the book.

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