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Finding Rest (or appearing “chill”) April 1, 2016

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By Jared Erondu

By Jared Erondu

Wow…I have just come out of one of the most crazy seasons in my life. Two weekends ago my high school students put on a production of The Wizard of Oz. Hence, why my Friday posts disappeared. But I’m hoping to get back on track now.

It was extremely stressful, overwhelming and a blessing.

Through this experience I saw God show up in mighty ways. Sometimes I didn’t always see it until later and other times I was keenly aware.

One verse that I clung to through these last two months was Hebrews 4:10:

For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his.

God continually reminded me that I needed to rest in Him and only then could I rest from my work. No matter how tired I was (which was a lot) I still pushed myself out of bed every morning to be in His presence. I couldn’t have done a day without Him.

Just the other day a teacher came up to me and said, “You were so chill.” I laughed, if only she knew the tears I cried at home (and once in front of the students) and the grumpy moments with my family.

But this isn’t the first time someone has commented that I seem so relaxed. I don’t consider myself a very relaxed person but I think the Holy Spirit projects that so others will see Him. So when I’m asked how I stay so relaxed I can say it’s Jesus.

He makes me look chill 🙂

It’s certainly not my own strength doing that, because I feel anything but chill. Jesus covers me and others see Him. Yay!! Isn’t that what we all want, what we all hope for?

The production was a complete success and I have to say it wasn’t me, it was Jesus making me look good so He can receive glory. As always, He only recieves glory if I share what He has done with others…with you 🙂

Are you stressed, running around trying to do life? Stop. Just stop. Enter His rest. Notice I said ENTER. We have to pursue it, pursue Him. Enter His rest and then your mind can rest, your body can rest and you then you can look “chill” too.


My Writing Journey July 18, 2014

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writing-13931299342873AvD[2]Today I have a guest post over at Kristena Tunstall’s blog. I share my writing journey beginning as a child until now. Don’t worry, it isn’t very long. It would be great you popped over there and supported her blog. While your there check out her story, she has a Genesis 5020 that I am sure will touch your heart.

Click here to check it out.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I Have a Story Published and it’s Free June 30, 2014

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SF Front Cover_96_lgToday am I very excited to share with you a book that I have contributed to. If you remember last year I was part of a book called Sweet Freedom. You can read the interview with myself about the book here. Well, I’ve gotten together with some authors again and Jennifer Slattery once again compiled all of our stories and devotions into this beautiful book about freedom.

I hope each and every one of you will get this book and  share with everyone you know. It is free all week starting today and ending July 4th on Amazon, after the 4th is it only $0.99. If you don’t have a Kindle I would be happy to send you a PDF copy so you can read the book on a different device.

It will be out in print eventually, at a very low price.

If you would like a copy for your Kindle click here. If you would like a PDF copy just leave a comment and I will email it to you.

About my story in the book:

If you read the first Sweet Freedom (click here to check it out) then you will be familiar with the characters in my story in the second Sweet Freedom book. Julie, Kari, and Ryan are back. I don’t want to tell you too much but Julie is struggling with her self-worth, hence the name of the story is Worthy. She thinks she isn’t worthy of Ryan’s love, that she will mess up this relationship like she did with her ex-husband.

I can very much relate to Julie. She returns to her chains and even picks them up for a bit. I have been there, have you? I think many of us have. I think many of us feel we aren’t worthy of Christ’s love and question why He would ever want someone as messed up as us. But that’s the beauty of Christ, He does want us, messes and all. He alone can set us free.

I hope you will visit Julie again and be reminded of the sweet freedom that Christ offers each and every one of us no matter how many times we return to our chains.

About the book:

For some, the fourth of July is a celebration of freedom; for others it is a reminder of bondage. Of pain. Of fear. Of hopelessness. But there is a hope that is deeper, a love that is truer, and a freedom that no one can ever snatch away. 

How can one take a step toward that freedom when the road appears shrouded with insecurities and doubts? These pages contain numerous stories: a woman longing to start again but bound by the failures of her past; a young man who, upon reaching adulthood, must face his fears of death; a woman offered a chance of true love but held back by crippling insecurities. 

Is God even there? Does He care…enough to reach down and pull these men and women from the messes they’ve landed in, some of them by their own hand? 

Freedom. Peace-saturated, joy-infusing freedom. 

We pray our stories demonstrate what it looks like in the day-to-day…and provide a little insight into how one grabs hold of that treasured state of heart and mind.

Remember the book is free on Amazon all week long. Click here. If you want a PDF copy just leave me a comment and I will send it to you. Thanks for your support, it means so much. I hope you will be blessed by all the stories in this book.



Review: The Lifestyle of a Prophet by James W. Goll June 10, 2013



The Lifestyle of a Prophet

A 21-day Journey to Embracing Your Calling


James W. Goll

From the back cover:

“If your heart says, ‘Not my will, but Yours be done,’ you will receive much as you read these pages.”–James W. Goll

Join respected prophetic leader James W. Goll for an incredible journey into the heart of the prophetic calling. This unique, hands-on 21-day guide will help you develop the intimacy with God essential to hearing His voice clearly. Reflection questions, devotional prayers and practical applications will help you proclaim His words faithfully–and step boldly into your calling.

My Thoughts:

I was really excited to read this book because I am very curious about those who have been called to be a prophet (yes, I believe there are still prophets among us today). I think I was expecting this book to be a guide to help direct those who are curious and possibly interested in pursuing that calling. So I had my expectation and the book was something different.

I felt the book really talked to those who have already been called not to those seeking so I was a bit let down. But, had I not gone into the book with that expectation it might have been a more enjoyable reading experience.

Regardless of how you feel about prophecy this really could be a great book to use as a devotional and draw you closer to the arms of Jesus. The readings aren’t very long and at the end of each chapter are questions for you to ponder or discuss.

I did latch on to a couple of great insights, one being this from page 45: “Worship is a prophetic action that releases the spirit opposite to the boastful pride of life.” And “Extravagant praise is a key that unlocks His presence within us.” Love that!

Depending on what you are looking for this might be the book for you.

If you want to grab your own copy stop by your local bookstore or you order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the publisher.

You can visit James’ website by clicking here.

A copy of this book was given to me by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve Been Interviewed December 13, 2012

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writing-13931299342873AvD[2]I know I normally don’t post on Thursday’s but I didn’t want my self-promotion to interfere with Heather’s story tomorrow.

I have been interviewed, my very first one! I am very honored  and humbled. God is so faithful and good.

I haven’t been able to share much of my writing journey with you on this blog so if you wondered how I got started writing, my thoughts about writing or my current work-in-progress, you can find out in this interview.

The interview was conducted by Henry McLaughlin who I interviewed earlier this year. You can read his interview here.

So….if you have been dying to know more about my writing click here and satisfy your itch.

Thanks for indulging me, you guys are the best readers!


Write to the Point March 7, 2012

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Welcome to Write to the Point Wednesdays.

Last week I said I would do a couple of author interviews a month. Well, I have received so many responses from authors who want to talk to you that Write to the Point is going to be focusing on interviews and giveaway, at least for a while. I might pop in with progress on my work but I am looking forward to helping these other authors get their message out too. I am asking each author to share their Genesis 5020, I think it will be exciting to hear their stories.

I hope you will participate in the giveaways, there will be books of all kinds. Even if you don’t normally read fiction or maybe the genre that is being given away, please consider entering and giving the book away to someone else, or just try something new. Pass these posts along to your friends who enjoy reading.

I thought for this first post I would let you have a sneak peek at my back cover blurb I wrote for my book, A Bridge of Promise. This too is a WIP and could — and should —  undergo revision. Here is your first glimpse at what my book is all about.

“You’re trash. You’ll never amount to anything.” These are the words Ella Bradshaw heard from her father most of her life, and she believed him. Then Collin Kilbride kiss’s her one summer and tells her she’s beautiful. For the first time Ella allows hope to flourish in her heart. Maybe someone loved her after all.

For a year Ella holds on to the promise of Collin’s words. But the day she reveals her feelings to him she discovers he plans to marry someone else.

 Following that crushing blow Ella learns her entire confession of love was overheard by Luke Schilling, a friend of Collin’s. Luke promises to keep her secret and Ella finds herself trusting a complete stranger.

Even after Collin makes his feelings clear Ella vows to capture Collin’s heart. When Grace, Collin’s wife, reveals everything’s not as perfect as it appears, Ella has the foothold she needs to win Collin’s affections.

But Ella can’t out run the forces that pull at her — an expected pregnancy, her parent’s financial difficulties and the constant presence of Luke. She is pushed into making choices that lead her down a dangerous road of destruction and loneliness.  A road that leads her further and further away from the bridge that could give her the promise of love.

There you have it, you are the first to get a peek at my baby.

Be sure to check out Write to the Point next week as we will have our first author and book to gaveaway.