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Speaking January 26, 2012


Are you looking for a speaker for your women’s event? I would love to come minister to your ladies. I have a few topics you can choose from or let me know your theme and I can take it from there. Below you will find a list of topics I can speak on. Let me know what will work for you. You can email me at: mafinnegan(at)yahoo(dot)com,  and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Underneath the Wrapping: This talk can be customized for adult ladies only or for a mother daughter event. In this talk I take a look at the wrapping we wear on the outside that covers up the hurts inside of us. I use visuals to demonstrate how we try to look nice on the outside when underneath we are hurting. And sometimes those of use that don’t look the most beautiful on the outside carry the greatest beauty of all on the inside. I weave in covering ourselves with the armor of God (can use the young girls to help me with this part) and end the talk by having each women look in a mirror while they are confirmed hearing the words, “The King is enthralled by your beauty.”

The Five Be’s in Brokenness :In this talk I outline five steps God took me through to get me to a place were I could share my story of brokenness with others. I will encourage women to start with pray and not be afraid to share their stories of brokenness and ultimate redemption with others.

The Gift/A Feast of Love:This is based on an article that was published in Proverbs 31 magazine. I originally submitted it as A Feast of Love but they asked if I could change it to be a Christmas article. So this talk could be a Christmas topic, The Gift or a general topic about The Feast of Love God gives us. I take a look at the false love so many of us have settled for and then contrast it with the real love that God offers us through His Son Jesus Christ.

Genesis 5020: This talk could be just women or for husbands and wives. My husband Patrick could accompany me to present this talk to couples as we share our story about what God did and continues to do in our marriage and our message of hope for couples.


2 Responses to “Speaking”

  1. Cleo Lampos Says:

    I have spent some time at your website and am very moved by the testamonies of the people here.
    Great website to be blessed. You are sharing inspiring messages. Thank you.

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