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Out by Bob Fife with Ron Hughes November 23, 2016

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Bob Fife was raised in a small Ontario town by a Christian mother and an unbelieving father. The tensions made for a dysfunctional home and an uneasy life. But nothing prepared Bob for being sexually molested by an older boy he trusted—or what happened in his heart afterward.
Out is the story of Bob’s descent into homosexual practices and out again. His fascinating journey takes readers from the confusion of his teen years, to his marriage and fatherhood, to his discovery and embrace of the flamboyant Toronto gay scene. He describes abandoning his young family in order to fulfill his same-sex desires, taking him to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Provincetown, Key West, and San Francisco. Over a decade later, an unexpected visit from his college-aged son caused Bob to confront the consequences of his indulgences and begin to seek change.
Today, Bob has been out of his gay lifestyle for over twenty years. He has reconnected with the church, built and maintained healthy, nonsexual relationships, and healed his relationship with his son. For those who want a way to deal with their same-sex attractions, not celebrate them, Bob’s story points a way to grace and redemption.
My thoughts:
Wow…this was a book I couldn’t walk away from. Part of it was because of the life Bob was living and I had to see his way out and I wanted to get there quickly.
This book will offer so much hope to those who truly want to find away out of the gay lifestyle.
However, this book can offer hope to anyone who struggles with any type of sin. Things Bob said in this book are the same things I had to deal with in my own life in overcoming abuse and lust. It’s interesting how really every sin is linked but can manifest itself in different ways.
Bob talks about the hole in his heart that he was trying to fill, about his thoughts following ruts and how he needed to make new paths. I just wanted to shout how I had to do that too even though I never had to deal with same-sex attraction I had to deal with lust for other men.
He does say up front that there will be parts that are difficult to read and it’s true. As someone who was abused reading about his abuse really bothered me and reading about his choices in choosing sin bothered me as well. But I wanted to fully understand his story so I didn’t skip a word.
I really believe anyone who deals with a sin that has them in chains can benefit from this book. So powerful is the work of God. He is good.
I think we also all need to cover Bob with prayer as the enemy hates that he wrote this book that speaks truth and is so timely as we are hearing so many lies and many Christians are even swallowing these lies. The enemy will try to attack Bob because of it this book. If you would just take a moment to pray from him I am sure it will have eternal effects.
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