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All in Good Time by Carolyn Astfalk November 25, 2019

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With three rambunctious, young children, Melanie Lombardi can’t see beyond the day-to-day struggle to maintain her home and her sanity since her husband’s sudden death. A second chance at romance isn’t on her radar.

Brian Perella is done with dating, resigned to being the fun uncle and never the dad. Until he meets Melanie and her brood of lively kids on the sidelines of a Little League game.

But when Brian uncovers a co-worker’s secret, it re-ignites a temptation that Melanie can’t know about. It’s his secret to keep until an unexpected diagnosis brings everything to the surface, jeopardizing his future with Melanie and her children, who, when threatened by an unknown stalker, may need him now more than ever.

My thoughts:

You never know what to expect when you pick up a book by an author your have never heard of. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this highly engaging book.

Carolyn has written a very real book. Some people might be bothered by the “realness”. The brothers talk to each other like brothers might, and Brian is dealing with an issue that is very prevalent in this day and age.

Melanie has her own issues that she confesses to Brian that I never saw coming, but an issue I can definitely relate to.

And then Brian’s diagnosis is so heart breaking and I understand the desicion he made but I felt Melanie’s pain.

We don’t find out much about this stalker for a long time. The reader knows something is up for Brian and Melanie don’t seem to be worried about it.

If you are looking a book that is real and deals with real issues I highly recommend this one.

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