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O Little Town of Bethany by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay December 27, 2016

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Holly left her unhappy life behind, hoping for a Christmas miracle…

Everything about Holly Truesdale’s existence is, well…forgettable. The only good memory of her childhood is their family Christmas in the quaint town of Bethany. Tired of the high society life, Holly leaves the big city, longing to recover the sense of belonging she felt in the Victorian town. She opens a scrapbooking store, ready to help others preserve the important moments she missed as a child.

Holly is drawn to Liam, the widower who runs the B&B next door, but doesn’t fully trust herself in a new relationship. As Holly and Liam grow closer, Holly becomes concerned for the town matriarch, Miss Bethany. But even as Yuletide celebrations are in full swing, Holly and Liam can’t help but notice that Miss Bethany harbors a secret. One that could change Christmas in Bethany forever…

My thoughts:

I have always enjoyed these quick reads by this publisher and this book is no exception.

Go visit the sweet town of Bethany that has a way of healing a person’s soul and bringing life.

If you want to hold on to your Christmas spirit this week this would be a great book to pick up and read in a day (or two).

I admired Holly as she took a leap of faith and went to the town that help fond memories for her. I really loved when she stood up to her parents and didn’t give into their prodding.

Miss Bethany is tough around the edges but a sweetheart that cares deeply for her town.

My one and only issue with this book was a music reference that was very wrong. It mentioned hitting a “C minor”. There is no such thing as a C minor note, there is a C minor scale or chord (but no one can sing a chord as it’s three notes played at the same time). Unless it was meant to be funny and I missed it? Because I am a music person stuff like that irks me but the average reader would probably gloss right over it.

Other than that I really did enjoy this book and the Christmas feelings it evoked.

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A copy of this book was given to my by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Love’s a Stage by Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay August 31, 2015

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love's a stage


Grad student and future marriage counselor Aly Brewster had a perfect childhood with perfect parents. Now she’s heading into her own perfect life: Finish her Master’s. Build a successful practice. Husband at twenty-six. But when her parents blindside her with the news they’re getting divorced, her perfect world shatters.

Actor Nick Armstrong has been in love with Aly since they met during freshman year. He’s happy to accept his assigned place in her Friend Zone because it lets him be close to her. But it’s been over five years—time to move on. Then the usually-unflappable Aly comes to him begging for help to save her parents’ marriage. Nick has the perfect plan: fake an engagement to each other to inspire her parents to fight to save their marriage. And who knows? It might trigger Aly’s feelings for him. But when Aly takes the ruse to the next level—planning a wedding in her parents’ backyard and hiring additional actors to play his family—enough is enough!

As the lines between acting and reality grow decidedly blurred, these two improvised fiancés must decide: are they going to finish the play…or exit stage right. Alone.

My thoughts:

This was a quick read that impacted like I never expected.

Aly is kind of a control freak yet likable. She just wants her parents to fall in love again and uses her best guy-friend to do it. Sometimes she irritated me because she took Nick for granted and I didn’t like that.

Nick is an awesome guy who definitely has a soft spot for Aly. But I like how the author showed him being a guy that still could have some unwanted feelings when another girl gives him some attention.

This book even had me laughing. The scene that gave me the giggles reminded me of something my husband would do.

And at the end I cried. I didn’t expect it all but there where tears. The authors wrote this beautiful ending that touched my heart.

Overall I loved the message about marriage and the importance of keeping our vows and working even when it seems hopeless.

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Grab your copy at Amazon,  or your favorite retailer. (This book doesn’t release until October 22nd)

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest reivew.