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Popular in Heaven Famous in Hell by R.T. Kendall September 19, 2018

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  • Balanced teaching on heaven and hell, good and evil, and the effect our lives have on both realms
  • Insights to help readers access God’s purpose and plan so they can live truly meaningful lives

Would you risk your reputation to find out what is pleasing to God?
The greatest thing that can ever be said about a person is that he or she pleased God. But while pleasing God makes you popular in heaven, it may not make you popular on earth. Do you have the temptation to be well received here on earth? Do you make spiritual decisions based upon what people will think of you?
Going a step further, have you considered whether you have any reputation in hell? Are you living the kind of life that causes a threat to Satan’s interests? That’s how you become famous in hell.

It’s time to stop valuing your reputation with people more than your reputation with God. Start living your life with eternity in mind. Respected theologian and author R. T. Kendall has written this book to help you discover the keys to living a life that truly pleases God, making you not only popular in heaven, but also famous in hell.

My thoughts:

This book basically speaks to something many people struggle with. Pleasing people.

If we try to please people here on earth we often aren’t pleasing God. He should be our main focus, all we care about. But when we try to make the world around us happy or fit in we might not be very well liked, not the most popular kid in school (or in your community, workplace, etc.).

The author gives some great Biblical examples of people who didn’t care about being popular on earth but they are popular in Heaven. This should be our goal as well.

If this sounds interesting to you then give this book a read.

Visit R.T. here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me. All opinions are my own. 


Under and Open Heaven by John E. Johnson March 15, 2017

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Tired of failure?

Frustrated by a confined life?

Starving in the midst of plenty?

In the gospel of John, Jesus talks with people whose struggles we can relate to. They aren’t always straightforward chats, yet they are beautifully applicable to the messiness of life, even life today.

The early believers were facing a world in turmoil and needed a theology to strengthen their souls and steady their nerves. In our similar times of turbulence, we too need to know that the abundant life under the opened heaven John describes is not just conceivable—it’s a promise.

My thoughts:

The author of this book brings up some great points and many different things to consider. I like how he walks through the book of John and examines many of the things we have all become very familiar with and gives things a new spin or deeper understanding.

But for me this book didn’t hold my interest. As I have said in previous reviews non-fiction books really have to grab me in order for me to like them and although this book had a lot of great content it did’t grab me. I found myself easily distracted, thinking about other things and not focusing on the book.

As always, this is my opinions only. It is a good book with good content it just wasn’t for me but I am sure for someone else this book will speak deeply to them.

Visit Dr. Johnson here.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own. 


Heavenly Storehouses December 30, 2016

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 By Arto Marttinen

By Arto Marttinen

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail?” Job 38:22 NIV

I’m currently reading through a daily devotional (which I will be reviewing soon) that talked about the verse above. The author said she believed not only are there storehouses of snow and hail but also good things, like love and grace.

I entered into a time of prayer after reading that and had a beautiful encounter with Jesus.  Below is what I saw and wrote down after the encounter:

Papa has storehouses, massive warehouses for each and every person!! They are labeled: LOVE, GRACE, MERCY, HOPE, FAITH, BLESSINGS, GIFTS. 

At first I thought the storehouses He showed me were to be shared with the world but He said every person has their own set of storehouses. (How cool is that???) He said mine have barely been touched, as is the case with most people. 

So, my question is what is keeping us from allowing those storehouses to fall on us? I think we get too busy, or we don’t think we are worthy so when we see them starting to open up we dodge them. Why? I have no idea, we are a messy bunch down here on earth.

I don’t know about you but I want those storehouses to fall down on me daily. I don’t want to get to Heaven someday and see my storehouses loaded up and I never got to enjoy those things that I could only have here on earth.

In 2017 I challenge each and ever one of us to open our hearts and minds and eyes to receive from Heaven. Let the storehouses open and fall on you.

Who’s with me?



Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam June 2, 2015

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mircacles from heavenAbout:

In a remarkable true story of faith and blessings, a mother tells of her sickly young daughter, how she survived a dangerous accident, her visit to Heaven and the inexplicable disappearance of the symptoms of her chronic disease.

Annabel Beam spent most of her childhood in and out of hospitals with a rare and incurable digestive disorder that prevented her from ever living a normal, healthy life. One sunny day when she was able to go outside and play with her sisters, she fell three stories headfirst inside an old, hollowed-out tree, a fall that may well have caused death or paralysis. Implausibly, she survived without a scratch. While unconscious inside the tree, with rescue workers struggling to get to her, she visited heaven. After being released from the hospital, she defied science and was inexplicably cured of her chronic ailment.

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN will change how we look at the world around us and reinforce our belief in God and the afterlife.

My thoughts:

You might be thinking the same thing I did when I first saw this book, “Another I-went-to-Heaven book?” Yep, I thought that and almost passed on the opportunity to review it.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

Although, yes, Christy’s daughter did go to Heaven the focus on the book isn’t on that. Only a tiny bit is mentioned. The focus is more on the blessings and God’s goodness.

Something about this book drew me to it day after day. I couldn’t wait to read it and see what happened. It is truly an amazing story of healing. A Genesis 5020!!

This fall could have killed Anna but instead God healed her and now she is sharing that hope with others.

I actually enjoyed reading this even more than Heaven is for Real. The narrative is beautiful and I loved Christy’s writing voice.

There were times I was brought to tears as I read. I worry so much about my kids but we have never had to deal with a sickness like Anna has had to deal with.

Overall, I was just amazed how God used this little girl falling into a tree for bring Himself glory. Isn’t He over-the-top? Wow.

If you’re looking for a good non-fiction book this is a great one I highly recommend.

Visit Christy here.

Grab your copy at your local book store, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Books-A-Million or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Heaven is for Real, Movie Edition by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent April 16, 2014

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Book Description

“Do you remember the hospital, Colton?” Sonja said.“Yes, mommy, I remember,” he said. “That’s where the angels sang to me.”

When four-year-old Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival. What they weren’t expecting, though, was the story that emerged in the following months—a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boy’s trip to heaven and back.

This true story, retold by his father but using Colton’s uniquely simple words, offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us, where as Colton says, “Nobody is old and nobody wears glasses.”

Heaven is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity, offering the chance to see, and believe like a child.

Bonus material in this special movie edition includes:

  • Photos from the movie set
  • Updates from father, Todd, and son, Colton, on recent events including the making-of-the-movie experience
  • “From the Set” Q&A’s with the movie’s filmmakers and actors

My thoughts:

Today Heaven is for Real comes to theaters. I have seen the previews and want to cry everytime I see it. I just know I will be crying through the movie.

This book has been on my wish list for a long time and when the chance came to review the movie edition I jumped on it.

For the most part it is the same as the first edition but there are pictures added of the family and of the movie actors. It’s pretty cool to see Colton as a little boy and some pictures of his family right before everything happened.

There are also interviews you can read at the end of the book, very interesting.

Basically, if you haven’t read this book yet I am asking what are you waiting for?

This book will remind you that Jesus is closer than you think. That even when you feel like God isn’t listening He always is and is moving on our behave. I loved when Todd realized that as he was yelling at God, Colton was with Jesus and Jesus saw Todd.

This book will give you a lot to think about and rejoice in. Our God is so good.

Visit the official Heaven is for Real website here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Deeper Shopping or Books-A-Million.

A copy of this book was given to me by the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.


Reaching April 4, 2014

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1275-1245719193VBNdI heard a speaker a couple of weeks ago talk about being jealous. Who hasn’t been jealous at one time or another?

I have struggled with this issue a lot in my life. I think it comes naturally for those of us who sing or perform in some way.

What the speaker said really stayed with me. She said we are jealous when we feel there is something to be grasped, or when we are reaching for something other than what we already have.

As I thought about those words I realized how true they are. When I feel jealousy rise up in me it is because I think I need what someone else has. For me that is often times praise or recognition. I am reaching into the world for something that isn’t mine but I want.

I am reaching horizontally…into the world….for my fulfillment.

God revealed to me that the only time I should be reaching is when I am reaching vertically, toward Heaven. Jesus opened Heavens gates for us and all we need can be found in Heaven’s blessings, in Jesus.

Why would I reach horizontally when the world really has nothing for me, when I could be reaching vertically into the greatest blessings that are beyond my imagination?

I think of my worship and how I love to raise my hands in adoration to my King. I think of it has reaching for Jesus, as a child reaches up for a parent. Sometimes I just want to stretch and touch Him.

Pick me up, hold me. Isn’t that what the child is saying? Isn’t that what we are really saying when we go reaching? The question is which way are we reaching? Who are we asking to hold us? The world or Jesus?

Reach vertically, toward Jesus. No jealousy there, His arms are big enough to hold all of us.

What have you been reaching for lately? Do you find yourself reaching horizontally or vertically?