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Write to the Point with H.L. Wegley February 20, 2013

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AuthorPicture_HLWThis week we get write to the point with H.L.Wegley.

Tell us about yourself, family, where are you from, how long have you been writing?

My wife and I were raised in Grants Pass, Oregon. But after a stint in the military, during the Viet Nam War, we ended up in WashingtonState. Working as a research scientist in atmospheric physics, I wrote for several years, publishing technical reports, journal articles and some books. But it was only after I retired in 2008 that I thought about writing fiction. I wrote my first novel in 2010. Then I rewrote it twice and received a contract for it in 2011.

How did you come to know Jesus as your Savior?

My parents took me to church every Sunday from the time I turned five, but I remained on the outside, looking in. I was a pretty good kid, but at 18 I was facing adulthood without having settled the most important issue in life. At that time I started dating a young lady who immediately challenged me on the salvation issue. I committed my life to Christ as Lord and Savior at 18. Two years later I married that young lady.

Tell us about your latest book(s). What do want your readers to take away after the last page?

My debut, an espionage thriller with romance, released on February 1. Besides telling a suspenseful story, I had a couple of things in mind when I wrote this book. For those who know our Lord and Savior, I hope they will see that the barriers to faith on others’ lives are most often the heart-rending existential questions, not the big intellectual issues. We have the answer to all their questions, the Person of Jesus Christ, and we need to share that answer with them. For those who don’t know our Savior, Hide and Seek is my heroine’s redemption story. I hope these people will see that a relationship with the one true God is available to them through Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

How often do you blog and what do you cover in your blog?

Ouch! That’s a sore spot. My blog, The Weather Scribe, has great potential, but it has been sadly neglected during the past 6 months while I wrote 4 manuscripts. I want to use Weather Scribe to help writers with weather-related aspects of setting, help them deal with apologetical and technical issues that arise in their stories, and I’ll devote some time to guest posts and book reviews.

I would love a blog like that, what a unique offering for writers.

What are you reading right now?

I just finished Christy Barritt’s Key Witness (posted reviews on Amazon & Goodreads) and am restarting Tim Downs’ Nick of Time. Tim is one of my favorite authors.

Can you share with us a Genesis 5020 in your life?

We were young parents in the USAF during the Viet Nam War. Just before I made captain, I had orders to a remote base on the Cambodian Border. Simultaneously we were offered an opportunity to choose an early out. For our children’s sake, we decided to forego a military career. This all happened during the oil embargo of the mid ’70s. The Air Force gave us a really early out. We left North Dakota in the dead of winter, headed for Oregon with only 3 weeks notice and no job leads, heading into an economy that had completely tanked. Inflation was running wild. Gas was scarce.  We drove on fumes most of the way across Montana. A month later we were still living with our parents in Oregon, money was running out, and when things looked their darkest, I was offered a Meteorologist’s position at Pacific Northwest Laboratories in Washington, but the job didn’t start for 3 more months. We took what little money we had and drove to Washington hoping somehow this would all work out. To make a long story short, we found a house where there were no houses available, a temporary job that lasted precisely until the permanent job started, and “accidentally” drove into the wrong church on our first Sunday morning, a church that became our home church for 12 years. Only in hindsight did we see that the plans God had for us were better than any we could have made.

Do you have a life and/or a ministry verse?

I’m somewhat of a self-taught Christian apologist. You can probably guess what my ministry verse is, 1 Peter 3:15. “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give anperf5.500x8.500.indd answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” (NIV)

Where can we find you on the web?

My web site:
Author page on facebook:
Facebook profile:
My blog: The Weather Scribe

Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to add?

Thanks so much, Melissa, for hosting me on your blog. Launching a debut novel can be a crazy, intimidating time, but help from people like you makes it much easier.

Thanks for stopping by and we pray God’s blessing over your writing.

Readers, H.L. is giving away an ebook copy of his book. Leave a comment for him by February 26th at 5:00PM.