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Write to the Point with Carole Towriss December 5, 2012

author%20photoCongratulations to Alaina Hiatt. She won last week’s giveaway Chosen Ones by Eileen Rife.

This week we get write to the point with Carole Towriss, she is sharing her Genesis 5020 today.

Carole’s debut novel came out November 1st and sounds fasinating. If you like stories that come from the Bible you will love this one. Read to the end, Carole has a giveaway for you.

 When my husband and I got married, we talked about having a large family. Six kids—that’s what we wanted.

We tried for eight years to get pregnant. Eight long years of doctor’s visits, pills, shots, and failed procedures. Oh, and tears. Lots of tears. I used to cry in the shower. Somehow I felt better if the salt water flowing from my eyes got lost in the warm water flowing out of the showerhead.

The seventh year, we lost a baby on Christmas Eve. It was the only time in those eight years we got pregnant. Wow, was I mad. Upset. Confused. Why would God give us a baby for two weeks just to take it away? Answer our prayer only to smash our dream? It wasn’t fair.

We had to wait a week, until New Year’s Eve Day, for the d&c. A week of questions, doubts, more tears, and prayers for a miracle. I couldn’t even tie a knot at the end of my rope and hang on because I couldn’t find the end. I truly wondered if my faith could carry me through this. But I remember standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I felt like I was falling, collapsing. Then I distinctly felt God tell me in my spirit that everything would be all right. I felt His hand hold me up, give me strength. I had no idea if that meant that the baby would be all right—though I doubted it—or more likely, that I would be OK. God and I would be OK.

We decided we’d try once more before giving up. Exactly one year later, on Christmas Eve, God sent Emma. He replaced that painful memory with a joyous one.

Over the next seven years, we adopted three children from Kazakhstan. We now have four kids, ages 18, 13, 11 and 11. (The last two are four weeks apart.) Four kids who share not a shred of DNA, and very few traits. Our house is noisy and loud and chaotic and frequently drives visitors—and my mother—insane. Well, not literally.

But it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. God did it in His own way and in His own time and for His own reasons. It was a long and painful journey to get here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9


Carole Towriss grew up in beautiful San Diego, California. Now she and her husband live just north of Washington, DC. In between making tacos and telling her four children to pick up their shoes for the third time, she reads, watches chick flicks, writes and waits for summertime to return to the beach. Her first novel, In the Shadow of Sinai, released November 1. You can find her at

 Blurb for In the Shadow of Sinai:

Bezalel is a Hebrew slave to Ramses II. An artisan of the highest order, Ramses has kept him in the palace even when all other Israelites have been banned. Bezalel blames ElISOS%20Front%20cover Shaddai for isolating him from his people.

 When Moses and Aaron appear one summer, and El Shaddai shakes Egypt to its core, Bezalel must reexamine his anger. Over the course of the next year, Bezalel’s life becomes intertwined with those of an Egyptian child-slave, the captain of the guard, and especially a beautiful, young concubine.

 When spring arrives, all of them escape with the young nation of Israel. But that’s only the beginning…

Carole, thank you so much for sharing and being transparent with my readers. We rejoice with you over God’s goodness in your life.

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