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Write to the Point with Jody Day August 28, 2013

profile picToday we get write to the point with Jody Day. Take a few minutes and read about her and then leave a comment to enter to win her book.

Tell us about yourself, family, where are you from, how long have you been writing?

I’m an east Texas girl, transplanted to west Texas in 2000. My husband is a minister and we have six grown children that we home schooled. We’re a family of musicians. We have seven grandchildren, but there will be nine by Christmas!  Seems that I’ve always loved writing. I wrote a poem in the fifth grade called “Happiness Is” based on the popular Charlie Brown cartoon at the time. I don’t remember much about it except it ended “and at schoolwork, doing your best.” I got to go to the office and print it on poster board to be displayed in the school foyer. Something about writing something that had an impact stayed with me. I didn’t seek publishing until about ten years ago.

How did you come to know Jesus as your Savior?

I was probably about four when a Bible salesman came to our house. I’d already been sent to bed, but I could hear him witnessing to my parents. My mother came to tuck me in after he left. I remember plain as day standing up on the bed and telling my mother I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. I didn’t fully comprehend it then, but the moment came with understanding as a fifth grader in a church in El Paso. There have been several rededications since then but it seems I’ve known the Lord all my life.

Tell us about your latest book(s). What do want your readers to take away after the last page?

My debut novel, Washout Express, released from Harbourlight Books in June. It’s the tale of a young woman who loses everything, home, job, and fiancé in a one day and so she runs away. She learns who she really is in Christ as a result of someWashoutExpress_h11163_120 very awesome people that she meets in a small community down a random highway exit.

How often do you blog and what do you cover in your blog?

My blog is called Love Colored Glasses. I post once a week with an emphasis on looking at life through the love of Christ. The blog chronicles moments in my life, highlights authors, and includes devotionals.

What are you reading right now?

That’s a loaded question! I have a stack going in just about every room of my house, on my Kindle for iphone, and at work. I’m children’s programmer at our public library, so I have access to books all the time. Many interesting books come across the counter, and I find I’m reading across many genres. I don’t always finish if it doesn’t interest or enrich me in some way. I just finished Janice Thompson’s The Icing on the Cake, and Bonnie Calhoun’s Cooking the Books. I’m halfway through Messages, by John Michael Hileman. I just started a biography of Robert “Believe it or Not” Ripley by Neal Thompson. There is always a volume of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jan Karon near me somewhere. Those authors are my favorites and have influenced me greatly. I also read a lot of books about writing. Whew, told ya, loaded questionJ

Can you share with us a Genesis 5020 in your life?

Ah, hard to narrow down to just one. I guess the first, and perhaps most significant, Genesis 5020 for me is having chosen a lifestyle in young adulthood that made me a single mother. God gave me grace and forgiveness, and I determined to be the best Christian mother I could be, but I thought a life of ministry was over for me. One day I ran across this verse in Psalms 34:5. “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”  (NIV) Suddenly the shame and discouragement fell away as I realized that God was not finished with me yet. My experiences have been a launching point for ministry for me, and I have lived a life of ministry in many areas with my husband and children. We serve an amazing God.

I love the verse as well and have clung to it many times.

Do you have a life and/or a ministry verse?

My life verses are Philippians 2:1-18.

Where can we find you on the web?

Facebook author page:



Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to add?

I have an awesome agent, Terry Burns with Hartline Literary Agency, and wonderful publisher and editors at Pelican Book Group, Nicola Martinez, Barbara Early, and Fay Lamb. My local critique group, Critique Café, is very supportive. I’ve been blessed in the journey with wonderful friends and family, as well.

Thank you so much for having me, Melissa!

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers, Jody.

Readers, Jody is giving away a pdf copy of her book. Just leave a comment by Sept. 3rd at 5:00 pm to be entered to win.