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Next Level Thinking by Joel Osteen March 6, 2019

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We all have things that are trying to hold us back: guilt from past mistakes, temptations that we can’t seem to overcome, or dysfunctions that have been passed down. It’s easy to learn to live with these problems and accept them as who we are. We can all find a reason to live like we’re at a disadvantage and become negative and bitter-we came down with an illness, somebody walked out of a relationship, our boss overlooked us. But we have to say, “I’m done making excuses. I’m not going to let the past keep me from moving forward and benefitting from the good things God has in store.” It is time to say, “It is finished.”

In his new book, IT IS FINISHED, Joel Osteen writes that we weren’t created to go through life weighed down by addictions, dysfunction, guilt, or the past. God created us to be free. Joel encourages readers to leave behind the negative mindsets, the scarcity mentality, and the limitations others have put on us, and shows us how to step into new levels of victory, new levels of favor.

My thoughts:

This is a book I purchased on my own because I have come to appreciate Joel’s victory mindset.

I know many people don’t care for him and I do think if you are only going to him for a resource your faith won’t be very deep. The Bible is our ultimate source but other teachers are very good as well.

But Joel is good at what he does and teaches others how to live in victory and change your mindset. This book does that and guides the reader to change your thinking and get it to line up with the Word of God.

If you struggle with an orphan mindset, or a defeated mindset this book can help change that.


Our Best Life Together by Joel and Victoria Osteen January 2, 2019

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Whether you’ve been married a few months or decades, couples need regular, quiet moments together to renew their love and commitment to each other and to God.

In OUR BEST LIFE TOGETHER, Joel and Victoria Osteen want to encourage you in your marriage and remind you that God brought you together to help each other succeed and to become all He created you to be. There’s no better way to experience the fulfilling marriage God intends for you than to set aside a devotional time together each day and set your minds in the right direction for a positive, happy, faith-filled marriage. When you live together in unity, you honor God and open the door for His blessings to flow into every area of your life. If you will do your part, God will do His part, and you can live in love!

My thoughts:

If you are looking for something that will inspire you and your spouse to live a life of victory together this devotional might do the trick. I think if you took just a few minutes a day and read these short devotionals it could have a lasting impact on your marriage.

I haven’t tried it, yet but would like to. It won’t take long but could make a big difference.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy this book was given to me through All opinions are my own.