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The Sound of Falling Leaves by Lisa Carter October 30, 2020

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After aspiring opera singer Tessa loses her voice in a fire, she needs both a place to heal and a way to keep music in her life. She retreats to her aunt’s apple orchard in rural North Carolina to collect folk ballads. But amid the autumn splendor of this isolated Appalachian community, she uncovers an unnerving connection between a murder case and a long-ago disappearance. Tessa gets a glimpse into an almost-forgotten world, encounters a corrupt, small-town political dynasty, and finds superstition and prejudice at every turn.

She’s also drawn to Zeke, the handsome but enigmatic orchard caretaker, who shows her that mountain justice is neither impartial nor just. But battling a conspiracy of silence, Tessa isn’t sure if she can trust him. Yet somewhere in the mists of the Blue Ridge Mountains, evil lurks, and a killer is determined to keep the past where it belongs–dead and buried.

My thoughts:

So it’s kind of funny. When I first started this book I didn’t think I was going to connect with it. I just wasn’t feeling it. But I kept going. And guess what? I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book.

This story has so much going on, so many layers to unwrap. By half way through I didn’t want to put it down because I had to see what would happen next.

I love stories with small towns that try to take care of things on their own. I don’t agree with this, of course, but it sure makes for an interesting read. Now I can’t wait to read more by Lisa.

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