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Mercy Like Sunlight by Liz Crutis Higgs May 20, 2014

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About This Book:

Who Will Set Her Free from the Darkness Inside? Mary Margaret Delaney hides in the shadows, her arms scarred, her heart wounded by grief and weighed down with regret. Adrift on the streets of Chicago, she is surrounded by strangers and hounded by demons, both real and imagined. Her neighbors in Lincoln Park call her Mad Mary—until a fearless young pastor dares to call Mary his friend.

Inspired by the biblical account of Mary Magdalene, this touching contemporary story first appeared in Liz’s nonfiction book, Mad Mary, later titled Unveiling Mary Magdalene. Now updated as a stand-alone novella, Mercy Like Sunlight is a powerful tribute to God’s boundless compassion and unending grace.

My thoughts:

What a beautiful story and a quick one too.

Liz has written a lovely story about Jesus’s amazing grace and mercy. This book made me hungry for more of my Savior, those types of books are few and far between. This book also opened my eyes to how many people I can judge for outward appearance and never give thought to what might be going on inside of them.

Mercy Light Sunlight starts as a very sad story but soon Mary is surrounded by hope and by Jake who won’t let her just slip by. Soon many people are surrounding her with love but there are those who bulk at the idea of helping someone like Mary, and unfortunately we have those people in our churches, don’t we?

I am sure you will be like me, cheering Mary on, hoping she doesn’t give back into her demons and will rest in the arms of her Savior.

If you are looking for a quick, inspiring read you will want to pick up this book.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.