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Meredith’s Story Part One September 6, 2013

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This week and next I will be sharing Meredith’s story with you. She is one of the ladies that works with My Sister Song.

sunset-hairI was born in Ohio and from the start had to fight to live.  I was born blue with the cord wrapped around my neck.  My mother was clinging to life as well.  Little did I know, it was only the beginning of the life I would lead and the fight or trials I would have throughout my life.

My father worked on a horse race track, so he traveled a lot and was not at home much.  My mother worked double shifts at the hospital to make up for the money my father spent on gambling, womanizing, and living expenses in other states. 

So between my Grandmother and older sister, they helped raise me until I was old enough to take care of myself.  

When my father was around he was very emotionally and mentally abusive, which turned me into a very angry and bitter child toward both my parents.  

When my father went to prison when I was 12 I felt some relief, but at the same time blamed myself because I felt that if I had been better, I somehow could have prevented all of it. 

I became even more bitter and angry towards myself and everyone around me.

Everyone I went to school with found out about my father from a local newspaper, so I was ostracized and at times made fun of because of the situation. 

By high school I learned how to use men and get what I wanted from them, but that also came with a price.

I was also into drugs and alcohol by then to try and numb the pain and guilt I felt. 

My reputation in high school got around and before long I had guys lining up to pay me for one sexual favor or another

That ended when I was raped at 16.  I sought help from a counselor but was told that what happened to me was not a priority and was turned away.  I blamed myself and turned my anger even more inward then it already was.

Speed ahead to when my father returned home from prison when I was just about to turn 17 and my home life got much worse. 

By then I had learned to live without a father and I let my father know that. The abuse from my father started to become more physical and shortly after graduating high school, I moved in with a guy across the state and found a job at a local pizza shop. That lasted a couple months before I ran out of money and had to come home. 

I returned home to my father who was now a new Christian, and my mother who was now working as a housekeeper. The verbal abuse continued on so I went off to college locally and got 2 jobs, one at a local restaurant and the other at a topless bar.  

I worked at the bar for about a year and decided to leave after being offered a position as a dancer.  I still used drugs and drank.  I met my first husband when I was 21 and we partied together every weekend so it wasn’t long before I found myself pregnant and from that moment I decided to stop my wild life style.  Unfortunately, my “soon to be” husband did not.

Check out next week’s post to read the rest of Meredith’s story.