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The Moon April 25, 2014

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full-moon-11287159978joReThe moon is a beautiful piece of work by our Master. I am enthralled by its beauty, how about you? Do you ever pay much attention to the moon, do you ever just really look at it?

Well, today we are going to think about the moon and what we can learn from it. I was actually surprised by the lessons we can learn from the moon as I began to really think about it.   I hope you will be too.

How does the moon shine? Does it have it’s own personal, internal light source? The answer, or course is no, it does not.

The moon can only shine when the sun is shining on it. The moon is at its height of beauty when it is full and big and bright. That’s when the side of the moon that is completely lit up by the sun is facing the earth fully. Without the sun the moon would be a big ball in the sky that we would never see.  But with the sun shining on it, the moon is truly something to marvel at. The moon is still beautiful even when it is a half-moon, or a just a sliver, it is still a wonder because you can still see it shining.

Another thought is that at night we don’t see the sun itself, but we see the moon reflecting the light of the sun. The sun is there, we don’t doubt it, we accept that it’s there and is shining on the moon.

Do you know what I find even more amazing? When you can still see the moon shining and the sun is rising at the same time. You can’t see this every morning. But once in a wonderful while you will get to witness this sight.

Think about it….the moon is still shining in the morning light and the sun is not only bathing the moon in light but is coloring our sky as well.

Now take this even further. As the sun becomes brighter the moon begins to fade. It looks almost transparent. You can still make it out but the sun is shining stronger and brighter than the moon at this point.

So what does all this mean for us?

I think this is how God wants us to live.

We should be like the moon, reflecting the Son into the dark world.

Do you reflect the Son into the lives of the people around you? Are you a full moon, a half moon, just a sliver?

God wants you to shine fully for Him, He wants you to reflect his Son into this dark, dark world.

At first people may just notice you shining. They may not understand what makes you shine, but they are drawn to you. This is the time the moon shines and we do not see the sun. Then, as you do that the world will see less of you and more of the Son.

We will begin to fade, we will be transparent with our hurts, our heartaches, our joys and the Son will shine brighter and brighter not only in our own lives but in those around us.

Oh, I understand pride. See less of me? But I want the world to see me. The world will see you, the world will see you shining with the light of the Son. All your selfish desires, your wants will fade as the Son shines brighter into your life and the lives of others.

One of the most important things we can do is become transparent. This is a huge step, I understand, it’s a scary step. Becoming transparent means allowing yourself to be vulneralble. But unless we do that the Son can not shine as bright in your life as He longs to.

So the question is….will you let Him, will you start by reflecting the Son into our world and are you willing to give up yourself and all that you want so the Son may shine brighter? Are you willing to let others see who you really are?

I dare you. I dare to live in such away that you are transparent and the world can see the one true Son shining brightly in your life.

Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens! May your glory shine over all the earth. Psalm 57:5 NLT