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Review of The Star (new movie) November 18, 2017

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I didn’t review this movie but someone who I review for has and shared the link to her review. If you would like to learn more about this new movie click here to read about it. It sounds AMAZING!!


Voiceless (A Movie Review) September 20, 2016

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Film Synopsis
Battling his own inner-demons, Jesse (Rusty Joiner: Last Ounce Of Courage, Dodgeball, “Days of Our Lives”) encounters a young, pregnant teen overcome with grief that, after an impulsive abortion, has her family blaming Jesse for more than just her final decision. Jesse’s wife Julia (Jocelyn Cruz: Strike One, This Is Our Time) must come to terms with her own choices and decide if she can support her husband as opposition mounts against him. Comedian Paul Rodriguez also stars as Virgil with James Russo as Pastor Gil.

My thoughts:

This was a very powerful movie and dealt with some sensitive topics. However, it is handled very well.

It shows many aspects of abortion, the before, after, the choices woman are faced with, how as Christians we need to be careful how we say things.

This movie also showed how afraid we can be as Christians to really stand up for what we know Jesus is calling us too. It seems easier to “pray” about it but never move. I believe we need to do both of those things.

Jesse and Julia finally talk about their past and I just wanted to yell, “That’s your testimony. That’s how you will reach these women.” When we hold on to what Jesus has done in our lives we might miss opportunities to help someone else. I believe God calls us to share our stories so we can help others overcome.

I loved how Jesse finds ways to connect with the community and ultimately wake up his church. We could all use a wake-up call.

A viewing of this movie was given to me in exchange for an honest review. 


Review and Giveaway: Wildflower (a movie) March 31, 2016

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Film Synopsis
Creatively gifted, college student Chloe Moray (portrayed by Nathalia Ramos, known for BRATZ, Arrested DevelopmentHouse of Anubis) finds solace from a difficult childhood in her extraordinary art. But when an alarming dream begins to recur nightly, Chloe starts to believe that it might be a suppressed memory and that she may have witnessed a terrible crime as a little girl. Her search for peace takes her on a journey that forces Chloe to confront her past traumas and leads her to cross paths with Josh (Cody Longo, known for NOT TODAY, Hollywood Heights, Nashville), a young man dealing with his own painful loss. Together they find in each other someone they can trust as they seek to unlock a cold-case mystery from years before. But with the authorities blocking the way, Chloe’s new-found hope is challenged in this powerful story of faith, triumph and healing.

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My thoughts and giveaway:

I’ve never reviewed a movie before but when I saw this one it looked very good and I wanted to see what it was about.

Really, this isn’t the type of movie you might expect for a Christian audience. It really has a thriller, mystery type feel and honestly it’s very heavy.

Chloe is extremely broken and doesn’t have much hope, she’s a very sad character.

Josh has his own brokenness but seems to be able to push through it a bit help Chloe.

There is a major twist in the movie that I never saw coming. Very cool.

I found myself shedding a few tears by the end as Chloe begins to take the offer of hope and healing. Her story is so heart breaking many of us will be able to relate to her.

Overall, a very good movie with an interesting plot.

I was given an extra copy of the movie to give away. Leave a comment by April 7th for your chance to win a copy. One winner will be chosen by (U.S. addresses only. I am not responsible if it lost or damaged in the mail.)

A copy of this movie was given to me in exchange for an honest review.