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Grass September 27, 2013

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vectorbeastcom-grass-sunDo you see God in the grass?  Can you find him in the lush green colors?  Can you sense Him in the smell of the fresh mown grass?

Take some time to notice the grass today. Touch it, run your hands through it, feel its coolness, dryness, wetness, warmth-all depending on your climate and time of year of course.

Pick a piece and examine it, slide you fingers down the length  of it, smell it, look closely. What does the grass teach us about our Creator?

The grass must be cared for, it must be cut or it will become overgrown, it must be watered or it will become dry and die. The grass must not be neglected.

 Isn’t the grass like our lives, our spiritual lives?

Sometimes God has to work in our lives like we have to mow on a hot summer day. 

Getting our lives “cut” isn’t  pleasant. It can be painful at times. But if we don’t allow ourselves to be trimmed and manicured we will become over grown with weeds and things that will choke and ultimately kill us spiritually.

What is God trying to trim out of your life? What are you fighting Him on? What are you trying to hold on to? 

 Do you love the smell grass after it’s been cut? I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. But if you have allergies you might be miserable after the grass has been mowed.

 The same can be said after God trims our lives. We might feel a bit miserable, we throw a fit, we run and hide, we refuse to embrace this trimming. But isn’t the grass so much more pretty after it has been cut? Don’t the blades just glisten in the sunlight?

 That can be you. Allow God to trim out the unwanted things in your life, it might be painful at times.

 I believe true growth only happens through our pain. That is when we learn to cling to God or run away. What will your response be? 

You will need a good trimming, there is no getting around it. Are you going to let yourself shine and dance in the sunlight, will you let the aroma of God’s presence take over? Or will you fight Him and let the weeds of destruction over take you? 

 Notice the grass and learn a lesson, the grass doesn’t fight back, it just takes the trimming and shines.

 Picture yourself laying on the grass.  It is cool and soft beneath you.  Close your eyes and see yourself there.  Now picture Jesus laying beside you.  You are both peaceful and at rest.  He pulls you into his arms, you rest your head on his chest.  You can hear His heart beating.  He gently strokes your hair.  Yes, it is okay to think of Jesus this way.  He asks you to tell you what is on your heart.  Tell Him, rest in Him.  Then listen for His voice, what does He want to tell you today?  Listen, focus on Him.

I want to encourage you to be like the grass, allow for the trimmings when they are needed, allow for a little rain to fall, you will grow so much more beautiful in the end.  Allow God to be God, He longs to take care of you, you will not be neglected.

Psalm 23:2 (New International Version) He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.

Okay, how many of you out there like to mow the grass? I am curious. I have mowed once since I have been married, that’s how much I don’t like doing it.