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Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students September 11, 2018

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Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students gives teenagers and young adults a biblical, gospel-centered framework to understand sexual issues. In a changing culture where feelings about our identity inform our sexual choices, this ten-week small group resource by Cooper Pinson of Harvest USA, applies biblical truth in a compassionate way to sexual struggles.

Cooper Pinson, with years of experience working with students, aims to bring the theological truths of our union and communion with Christ into the world of sexuality. Students are met where they are and encouraged to talk about the issues that are part of their everyday world. At the same time, they are guided to learn robust, deep, and strengthening theological content that will help them follow Jesus in how they express their sexuality.

Out of this framework, topics addressed include God’s good design for sexuality, gender-related issues, singleness, dating, marriage, masturbation, pornography, and same-sex attraction, among others. Students are shepherded to understand their sexuality in the light of who Jesus is and to approach these issues with truth, faith, and compassion.

My thoughts:

This would be a great group study for teens. It talks about a lot of issues that we often try to sweep under the rug. I  believe the way this is laid out and the questions it offers would highly engage the teen reader.

There are truly tough topics in this study but we can’t keep ignoring them, they are not going away. We need to empower our young people to deal with the many issues around them and this study will do this.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me by New Growth Press. All opinions are my own. 


God’s Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture August 28, 2018

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About DVD set:

Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues gender identity, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage the world s perspective on these issues has certainly changed over the last decade. So how do you answer questions about God s design for sexuality for church members and their families? Is your church equipping your people to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form a gospel-based response to questions from both inside and outside the church?

Harvest USA, an organization that has been thinking biblically and redemptively about these issues for decades, has now made available a video series that will help you wisely, kindly, and truthfully help your church to understand God s biblical design for sexuality and give direction on how to speak the truth in love to the world around us.
The seminar consists of fifteen 30-minute videos (suitable for use during Sunday school or in small group), downloadable leader guide, and participant outlines that address questions and topics about God s design for sexuality including the following:

  • Why do we need to talk about sex?
  • Why do we struggle with our sexuality?
  • Is God s design for sexuality still relevant today?
  • What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
  • Can you change if you are gay?
  • How can a single person live out God s design for their sexuality?
  • Understanding gender and transgender issues
  • Pornography
  • How to help the sexual struggler
  • Key steps for raising sexually healthy kids
  • Keeping your kids safe in an Internet world

My thoughts:

Wow. This DVD series touches on everything. If you’ve wondered about it, this series will tackle it.

The speakers in these DVD’s bring up excellent points, things I haven’t even thought of. Basically, how uneducated the church is to deal with this changing culture. We must know what we are talking about, we must be prepared.

I appreciated that each speaker also stressed love. God’s love, not the love the world tries to over. That we need to love these people who struggle with their sexuality.

This isn’t anything fancy. It’s just pastors behind a podium speaking truth. But isn’t that all we really need?

I would recommend this for small groups or churches. These are topics that church can’t continue to ignore.

Grab a set of DVD’s for your church or small group at your local bookstore, Amazon, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of these DVDs were given to by New Growth Press. All opinions are my own.