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Should Church Be Like a Party? April 11, 2014

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birthday-party-balloons-1391704157YFJI am all stirred up this Friday. I had the amazing opportunity to see Bethel Worship this week. You want to talk about freedom in worship, I experienced that this week. Nothing like I have ever experienced before. Just loving Jesus for two hours and surrounded by others who where so excited to worship Him.

Anyway, I believe it was Brian Johnson, one of the worship leaders, that said church should be like a party, not a funeral. If our God was dead then yeah, it should be a funeral, but our God’s not dead….HE’S ALIVE!!!

So let’s party.

I think about how excited people get over sports. They paint their faces and/or chests. We cheer when our team is winning and groan when something bad happens. We give words of encouragement when someone is up to bat, or up to serve or if they miss a basket. We encourage. We say things like “that’s okay…shake it off…you’ll get it next time.”

Hmmmm….how good are we at doing that within the church? Are constantly encouraging or cheering each other on? Are we excited, because in case you haven’t heard, our team is winning and will win. Nothing will ever change that even if it feels like we are being attacked on every side, we have Jesus on our side. Woo-hoo!

Do we understand that?


God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, has already won. We. Have. Won. 

Team Jesus wins!!

That’s something to scream about.

Sports will pass away (I am not bashing sports, I love watching my kids play) but something is wrong in our church if we get more worked up over our favorite team loosing to their rival then when a daughter of the king walks away from her Papa. When one of our brothers or sisters in the Lord is hurting, do we surround them? Do we really take the time to pray with them? It is easier to pretend we don’t see but Jesus sees, shouldn’t we? If we mean it when we say we want to be more like Him, then yes, we should see the joyful and hurting and surround them with praise or encouragement.

So yes, in my opinion, church should be the best party you have ever attended. And we get to go there every single week. There are some people who party every weekend, with drugs and alcohol and then feel horrible the next day. But for those of us who are believers we can party with the Holy Spirit and we will feel BETTER the next day. 

Let’s all order up a shot of the Holy Spirit and party like you serve a risen Savior….because you do.

Oh, if you want to see some powerful worship click here.  I dare you to join the party. Get our of your seat and worship, right now, give Him all the praise, glory and honor He deserves. He alone is worthy.