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Boy (Man)-Crazy November 27, 2013

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boy crazy

Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl:

On Her Journey From Neediness to Freedom


Paula Hendricks

Book Description:

Sound familiar?
1. You spot a cute boy (we’ll call him Boy A).
2. You dream about Boy A.
3. You do whatever it takes to make Boy A notice you.
4. Even though Boy A doesn’t pursue you, you hang on to your dream of Boy A until he (a) moves to the North Pole with no access to a cell phone or computer, (b) dies and is buried or cremated, or (c) begins dating another girl.
5. You mend your broken heart by hating Boy A and finding another cute boy (Boy B). You replace Boy A with Boy B and begin all over again . . .
Paula has gone through an entire alphabet-and more-of boys over the years.
As she shares her journal entries and stories-the good, the bad, and the ugly-you’ll be encouraged to trust God with your love life and buckle up for the ride!
Written for teen girls, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl will help you on your own journey from neediness to freedom.

My thoughts:

Okay, I’m pretty sure Paula must have stolen my journals and used them in her book. Totally kidding 🙂 But her thoughts so resonated with me and what I was like most of my life until a few years ago.

This book is written for a teen girl, but honestly, I think any woman who struggles with being obsessed with wanting a man should read this. Seriously. I needed this book desperately only a few years ago and even today it is a great reminder for me to keep my mind on Christ and not on myself, my appearance or what others think of me.

Paula shares actual snippets from her journal. This is unedited, raw feelings and I love it. If you see your daughter starting to become boy-crazy you need to get this book in her hands. As always, I recommend reading it first or with her so you can have dialogue about the book. I’m holding on my copy if/when my daughter needs it.

Even more, if you see something in yourself as an adult woman, whether married or single, and you’re struggling with being obsessed about what men think about you, this book could speak even to you.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, or Books-A-Million.

Visit Paula’s website here.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.