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Review: Red Dawn Rising June 17, 2013

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Red Dawn Rising


Sue Duffey

From the back cover:

Twenty-seven-year-old Cass Rodino is a hardworking, dedicated set designer on Broadway. But, like the actors who take the stage every night, she is masking a different reality. Her secrets lie deep within past wounds too severe to expose to anyone.

Evgeny Kozlov has secrets of his own. A former KGB assassin, he is trying to outrun the underground revolution he once served. Trying to right his wrongs, he’s in a race against time and against a former colleague, Ivan, who has sinister plans to bring down the United States, including an assassination attempt on famed pianist Liesl Bower.

As Cass and Evgeny separately set out to save Liesl from an impending doom, both are hurled into a fierce CIA/FBI dragnet, not knowing that their formidable opponent—a most unlikely predator—is already closing in on them.

Book 2 of the Red Returning Trilogy, Red Dawn Rising mixes suspense, action, and romance in a tale of personal tragedy and triumph that will keep readers pivoting between the evil desires of world powers and the redeeming powers of personal faith, life, and love.

My thoughts:

This is the second book in the Red Returning series. But if you haven’t read the first book you can still read this book and not be lost.

If you enjoy political intrigue this will be the book for you. This is steeped deep in people living a double life and never knowing who you can trust.

As much as I like watching movies with political schemes I had trouble getting into this book. It is definitely not a quick read, at least not for me. I had to really slow down so I wouldn’t miss all the details. But you might like the story so much you can read it faster than I could.

Overall Duffey has created a book thick in plot with characters you will be cheering for or hoping for their fall.

This book might not be for everyone but it is definitely for those who enjoy this type of story. And I have great news. You will have the chance to read this book for yourself if you own a Kindle.160-Duffy-kindlead

The book will be available for free on June 20th and 21st.

So mark the date on your calendar and go to Amazon on Thursday or Friday.

Here is the Amazon link to the book, here. Or you can order from Barnes and Noble,, or the publisher.

You can visit Sue Duffey’s website here.

A copy of this book was given to me by Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review.