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Seeing the Supernatural by Jennifer Eivaz November 15, 2017

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Foundational Teaching on Discerning What Is Happening in the Spiritual Realm

For many believers, operating in the gifts of the Spirit has become a normal way of life. Yet there is one often-overlooked, often-misunderstood gift crucial to the well-being of the church: the gift of discerning spirits.

This gift is the powerful supernatural ability to hear and see into the spiritual realm, yet many people who have it may think they are crazy. Finding no help from the church, some have turned to medical doctors and actually been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Jennifer Eivaz, a trusted prophetic voice, has been there, and she offers hope, healing, and practical help. Pulling back the veil, she
· lays a biblical foundation for how this gift works
· helps you discern what you are seeing and hearing
· reveals what is happening in the spiritual realm
· provides insight into the demonic, the angelic, and spiritual happenings
· and more.

The enemy is on the move. More than ever, the church needs people who operate in this powerful gift to expose hidden threats and help lead the church to victory.

My thoughts:

I am always interested in learning more about this subject and I have a desire to be more sensitive to what is going on around me supernaturally. I have read other books similar to this and have enjoyed them. I liked this book as well.

I appreciated how Jennifer talked not only about seeing the negative things but also seeing positive things, like angels. She also discusses picking up on things from other people and things they might carry with them. I really like learning the name of some spirits and their function and how they attack us. This makes it so much easier to come against them, knowing their function and how they try to take us down.

If you find this subject interesting I highly recommend this book.

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The Delusion by Laura Gallier October 6, 2017

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By March of Owen Edmonds’s senior year, eleven students at Masonville High School have committed suicide. Amid the media frenzy and chaos, Owen tries to remain levelheaded―until he endures his own near-death experience and wakes to a distressing new reality.

The people around him suddenly appear to be shackled and enslaved.

Owen frantically seeks a cure for what he thinks are crazed hallucinations, but his delusions become even more sinister. An army of hideous, towering beings, unseen by anyone but Owen, are preying on his girlfriend and classmates, provoking them to self-destruction.

Owen eventually arrives at a mind-bending conclusion: he’s not imagining the evil―everyone else is blind to its reality. He must warn and rescue those he loves . . . but this proves to be no simple mission. Will he be able to convince anyone to believe him before it’s too late?

Owen’s heart-pounding journey through truth and delusion will force him to reconsider everything he believes. He both longs for and fears the answers to questions that are quickly becoming too dangerous to ignore.

My thoughts:

Wow. What a powerful book for anyone but especially of the target audience of high schoolers. This is a book I will recommend my daughter read. I am sure there is more truth in this book then we want to admit.

Laura did a great job of hooking the reader from the beginning and never letting up. I couldn’t wait the moment when Owen would see things around him and how he would react. I think his reaction was true to how most of us would react if we saw the spiritual warfare that is actually taking place all around us.

This is a well-written book with a powerful and eye-opening message.

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Spiritual Warfare For Your Family by Leighann McCoy June 1, 2016

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spiritual warfare


You Can Win the Battle on the Home Front!

The Enemy wants nothing more than to hurt you and those you love. But his power pales in comparison to God’s.

With warmth and wisdom, Leighann McCoy offers this practical guide to protecting your family from spiritual attack. In these pages you will learn what spiritual warfare is as it relates to your children and discover why you may be struggling to overcome the weapons of the Enemy. From there you’ll develop the offensive tactics to strike first through prayer and the knowledge of God’s Word.

Whatever stage your family is in–from babies to the teen years to enjoying your grandchildren–be empowered to recognize your own vulnerability and lean more heavily on God’s strength and wisdom. He has every tool you need to protect your loved ones.

Includes end-of-chapter questions for reflection or group use.

My thoughts:

For me this is a very timely book. I actually bumped it up in my reading list because of things going on in my life.

I need my eyes open to what the enemy is trying to do to me and my family and I must fight the good fight. I must make sure I am fighting the right person or thing and I haven’t been.

Do you feel like your family is coming under attack? Then stand and fight with me. This book will give you some insight and courage and encouragement to stand up and fight for your family.

I highly recommend this book, we can’t get enough knowledge on this topic that is threatening our families everyday.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.