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After September by Stephanie Smith December 26, 2016

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From the outside, Rose Davis had the perfect life: a long marriage to a successful politician, two grown children away at college, and respect within her community. When she suddenly finds herself divorced, she turns her back on God. In an effort to reclaim her life and pride, she spends the summer in the Caribbean. Her plan does not include meeting Patrick, the charismatic local doctor with a tragic past who ignites a passion both unexpected and thrilling.
As she begins to open up to love, doubt and fear creep in. Once again she finds herself broken hearted, left on her own to pick up the pieces. It’s only when she experiences the unmistakable love and grace from the very One she turned away from that Rose realizes what she needed most was there waiting for her all along.


Stephanie’s love of the written word began long before she could read. As a child she would hold a newspaper in hand and move her fingers along the page, pretending to read along. By the time she was a teenager, she dreamed of writing stories that would touch people’s lives, much like hers had been by so many authors. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys listening to Christian rock music while she writes, spending time with her family, watching British television, or reading YA fantasy novels.

My thoughts:

First, don’t you just love the cover? So peaceful. It makes me want to go there. It reminds me of my favorite place, Mackinac Island.

The opening scene is a great one and sets the tone for Roses struggles. I love her determination to get a fresh start and where she chooses to do so (Saint Croix) is a beautiful setting.

I enjoyed Roses journey back to her faith even though when we begin it is very weak, and for good reason her world has been shaken and unfortunately gets shaken again while on the island.

With all that being said I have to be honest and I always feel bad when I check other reviews and it looks like I’m the only one that had any issues, but it’s my opinion and you can take it or leave it 🙂

Part of my problem when I read a book is not only do I read books as I reader but I also read them as a writer. There were many things as I writer I struggled with. For example I felt there was a lot of telling me how someone felt or the point of view character making an assumption about how someone said something (ex. matter-of-factly) instead of showing me how they felt by a facial expression, or a drop in their tone of voice. I never got a deep emotion for the characters because I felt I was told too much.

There was dialogue that seemed forced and didn’t make much sense to me at times, I found myself rereading things to put it together.

I don’t want to belabor the point because obviously if you look at other reviews people really enjoyed the book. As always this is my opinion only and if the book sounds interesting to you I would encourage you to form your own opinion.

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