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Life Intercepted February 28, 2014

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football 2I wrote this post after the 2010 Superbowl. Do you remember that game?

I am not a huge football fan, but I do understand a few basic things, thanks to my football coach husband. This past weekend (Feb. 7 2010) the Saints won the Superbowl.

Now, I will be honest, I went to bed before the fourth quarter, so I didn’t see this huge interception that locked the game for the Saints, but I understand that it was pretty exciting. People were on the edge of their seats.

Was Manning going to go for this long pass?  He did but the Saints intercepted the pass and took it for a touchdown.  Many, many people celebrated.

I had to ask myself, do we get that excited when we see God intercept in peoples lives? Do we jump up and down and just praise Him? Does the church really celebrate when we hear a marriage has been saved, a drug addict has walked away, an alchohalic has been set free?

I had shared with my church about my strained relationship with my sister. That I was praying that God would bring her home. He did atfter many months of praying. So I celebrated that one Sunday morning. I did not expect the church to get up and clap and they didn’t. But afterwards someone came up to me and said she felt like she wanted to clap, to celebrate that God had answered my prayers, but she felt she couldn’t.

My question is, if we can’t celebrate in our church God intercepting in lives where else can we?

Why is okay to yell and scream when your football team intercepts the ball but not when God intercepts a life? Why do we get angry and yell when our team looses the ball, but we don’t get angry at the Enemy when we see Him destroying marriages and taking away our children’s hope for the future?

Something’s wrong here, there is a disconnect in the church and we need to be celebrating more, not judging and saying, “well they should have not gotten themselves in that situation in the first place, they are just lucky they got their lives turned around.”

Prehaps that’s why people don’t come out and say, “I had an affair but God saved my marriage.” Would we automatically celebrate or would our first reaction be, “Can you believe she did that to him?”

Picture the ball that Manning threw but now think of that ball as the drug addict, the Enemy is in control of the that life and he thinks he has it, he is taking that life all the way down to the pits of despair.  He drops back and waits for the perfect moment, he sees one of his demons ready and willing to finish the job.  He throws that life and it goes whizzing down, down, down, all hope is lost, until, wait, what is this… a saint?  Where did this guy come from?

He leaps up out of no where and takes that life and tucks that life into his arms and he goes running.  The enemy is flustered, they try to chase him to stop him from taking that life all the way Home but they are no match for this saint. Before they know it the saint has taken that life and placed it in the Kings hands, a touchdown.  Another life is saved.

The church goes wild, they can’t believe it, but they celebrate and they can’t wait for it to happen again.

Is that me, is that you, is that us? We needed to celebrate each and every life that we see God intercept. Get on the edge of your sit, it’s going to be a good game.

Has God intercepted in your life recently. Care to share? We would love to celebrate with you.