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Hope’s Story-Part 6 November 16, 2012

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Just wanted to send out a quick congratulations to Heather Spiegel and Debbie Curto, they won Dianne E. Butts book, Deliver Me.

This is the final installment of Hope’s Story. I pray you will be blessed by all you have heard. Next week I will begin sharing another story that is nothing short of amazing.

Hope’s Story

By Alaina Hiatt

I began seeing a wonderful Christian counselor shortly after my loss who helped me to understand that everything I was feeling was a normal part of the grief process. 

During one of our sessions, I said that it would be great if we could get a group of local women together to share our stories of loss with each other.   

With the help of two other women, Tiny Purpose was born. 

Our monthly support group began meeting in April 2004 with about 4 women attending regularly.  The Lord placed a desire in our hearts to minister to other women at the time of their loss.  With the generous donation from a local OB, we began a box ministry with the local hospitals.  As more people expressed an interest to help support our ministry, we were blessed by the opportunity to join The Christian Mission , a local non-denominational ministry providing free counseling, among other things.  By joining the Mission we were able to provide tax receipts for those people who wanted to support us. 

The first Gathering to Remember was held in February of 2004 with a little over 20 women in attendance.  Speakers from Hearts of Hope shared their own stories of loss and how they had turned their pain into a basket ministry to help other hurting mothers.  What comfort and peace came from the afternoon of remembering and sharing!  Before leaving, several women expressed a desire to continue getting together.  I offered to host a monthly bible study for anyone who was interested.   

Today, our group has an average of 8-12 women in attendance each month.  We have a number of ongoing ministries you can find out about on the Outreach Page.  Most recently, we’ve been approached by a couple of local OBs to help begin a Perinatal Program.  We are also being led to develop our own grief recovery seminar and a compassion seminar for medical professionals who work with these hurting families.   

After attending a national bereavement seminar, we heard that most support groups for pregnancy losses are dying around the country. 

Somehow what Tiny Purpose is doing is working. 

What’s the difference? 

We are not professionals, we are hurting mothers who desire to connect with other hurting mothers.  We know that not everyone will find healing in a support group, but we know that there is healing in remembering that we are not alone. 

We believe that every life, no matter how short, has a purpose and that the Lord desires to minister to you right where you’re at! 

Find a way to remember the positive and embrace what is to come

Alaina’s story is powerful, yet this is what God does with our pain, if we allow Him.

When you visit the Tiny Purpose website the first thing you will see it this:

There is a place of refuge in this storm of life after the loss of your baby – a place to find others who will share the pain and grief that those close to you don’t understand.  There is a place where you can feel the presence of God and the compassionhe wants to show you.  

I have had the honor of taking part in some of the Tiny Purpose events and I can tell you God is all over that place. People come to some of their events who don’t know the hope of Jesus and hear it from these ladies.

 Tiny Purpose’s biggest event, and probably having the most impact in the community, is the annual Walk to Remember that is held in October. The Walk has grown every year. The first walk had 75 people in attendance, the next year 150 and this year it had an astounding 1,000 people. That number doubled from the year before.

Only God!

I can tell you that Alaina is a strong, wonderful woman. She has a great perspective on things. She has said many times since the loss of Hope, that if Hope hadn’t passed she wouldn’t have the four amazing children she has now. None of them would exist.

One of her precious children was born only three weeks before my son and they are great friends. I remember when I told Alaina I was pregnant she looked at me wide-eyed and shared that she was too. We both were so happy to be pregnant together, and now we have these two boys that are so much  alike it’s scary 🙂

I know that Alaina would never wish to go through what she did, but since that was the journey she had to travel she has embraced the blessings and found her Genesis 5020.

What was intended to harm her, God has used for good. Many women have experienced healing because of Tiny Purpose, because of Hope.

Take a minute and thank Alaina for sharing her story.

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