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Redeeming Cade by Susan Crawford January 8, 2016

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redeeming cade



Cade McGuire has turned a one-eighty. The ex-con is now assistant director at the downtown mission that gave him a fresh start when he needed it most. When Cade attends a press conference and discovers that a woman running for a seat on the city council plans to close the mission, he can’t just stand by. Not even for a politician as beautiful as Darby Phillips.

Darby has been groomed her whole life for a future in politics. The City Council seat is just the first step in following her grandfather’s footsteps and making a difference for the community. When the obviously blue-collar Cade confronts her at a press conference, demanding she come and meet the people she’ll displace with her fancy new entertainment district, she knows refusing would be political suicide. No problem. A few hours at a rundown mission won’t change anything.

As Darby and Cade butt heads over what the city needs most, one unsettling thing becomes clear: though they’re from opposite worlds, they might just be what each other needs.

My thoughts:

This book starts off with tension and doesn’t let up. The tension between Darby and Cade is thick and then stretches.

Darby seems to have it altogether and is on her way to success but underneath her tough exterior is someone who seems to be doing things to please others more than herself. And she overhears a conversation that definitely suck with me and  wait to see what would happen once all was revealed.

Cade is a great character who has overcome a lot in his past and only wants others to experience the redeeming love of Jesus.

I recommend this book highly. A great romance with a lot of tension.

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