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Tearoom for Two by Susan Page Davis November 2, 2017

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For Elaine and Jan, opening a Tearoom in their new home on Chickadee Lake is a true labor of love. This cozy cafe gives them plenty of opportunities to serve others with faith and friendship over a cup of tea. But, more often than not, the cousins’ hospitality also draws them into mysteries that can be downright baffling.

My thoughts:

I’ve been into this sweet, cozy mystery phase and long with Hallmark’s countdown to Christmas so this book fell right into that category (minus the Christmas part).

I loved the setting, the small town feel the spirit of our two main characters. The mystery was definitely a slow build but there was enough going on that I was never bored, just interested in what would happen next. My only complaint is that our characters don’t really seem to have any flaws, nothing they are working through personally. I always like that about most books, seeing a character overcome something personal, but other than that this was a nice read.

You can purchase this book through Guideposts or Amazon.


Write to the Point with Susan Page Davis June 18, 2014

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Susan Page Davis croppedToday we get write to the point with Susan Page Davis. This is Susan’s third time here at Genesis 5020. You can read her first two posts here and here. She has a great giveaway for you today, so enjoy!

Tell us about your newest book.


The Charm Bracelet is a contemporary romance novel.

When Lisa Archer’s charm bracelet is caught in a mall escalator, she is rescued by a flippant but dashing EMT. Steve Rollins seems to understand only too well Lisa’s mixed feelings toward her escort, Dr. Bryan Cooper, who gave her the bracelet. Lisa and Steve meet again, and the sparks fly. Steve is sure Lisa hates him, and Lisa can’t help comparing vibrant Steve to mediocre Bryan, although Steve makes her furious every time she sees him. She tells Bryan she no longer wants to wear the charm bracelet, angering Bryan, and both are injured in an auto accident. When Steve responds to the emergency call and finds that Lisa is one of the accident victims, his guilt weighs him down. Will he have the chance to ask Lisa’s forgiveness and start over in his clumsy attempts to win her heart? With a lot of prayer and some manipulation from Steve’s sister, he may be able to charm his way into Lisa’s life. The book also includes a bonus short story, “Wandering Irises,” by Susan Page Davis.




What do you do when you’re not writing?

Nowadays I don’t get time to do a lot, but I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and traveling when I can. I also like to walk and do logic puzzles.


Where do you get your ideas?

Wherever I find them. Often when I’m researching for one book, I will run across something that triggers an idea for another. A conversation or something ICharm Bracelet new hear on TV will often spark an idea as well.


Do you outline or are you a seat-of-the-pants writer?

I outline with a vengeance. I started out as a “pantser,” but I’ve found that the writing stage goes a lot easier and the plot comes out more cohesive if I outline first.


Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

Yes, the first book I ever wrote, a mystery with a police officer as the hero. I actually sold a sequel to it as a standalone, so if I ever go ahead with the first one, I’ll have to do a different sequel.


Are you like any of the characters in your book?

Sometimes I think like Lisa does—or should I say Lisa thinks the way I do?


Are you working on a new project now?

Right now I’m working on a western romance called The Outlaw Takes a Bride, for Barbour Publishing. It will release next spring. I’ve also got a couple of Christmas novellas coming out this fall, and two cozies for Guideposts coming soon, All that Glitters and Empty Saddle.
Anything you would like to add?

Come visit my website at:

Today I’m giving away a copy of The Charm Bracelet (either paperback or e-book).

Links for the book include:

Buy in paperback:

Buy for Kindle

Buy for Nook:

Thanks so much for spending time with my readers…again 🙂 It’s always great to hear from you and see what you’re working on now.

Readers, Susan is giving away an e-book or paperback copy of her book (winner choice). Leave a comment by June 24th at 5:00 p.m. to be entered.


Write to the Point with Susan Page Davis February 6, 2013

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Susan Page Davis cropped

 Today we get write to the point with Susan Page Davis.

Susan visited 5020genesis last year. To read that interview click here. I have since read some of Susan’s books and I can tell you they are wonderful.

Read to the end because Susan has a wonderful giveaway for you.

Treads of Love finds amateur sleuth and expert quilter Sarah Hart solving a mystery that centers on a pictorial quilt. The beautiful quilt is a gift, delivered anonymously, to Bea Lattimer. Bea has no idea who sent it to her or why. With Sarah’s help, she learns not only about the giver, but about her own past.

This book is number 26 in the Patchwork Mysteries series from Guideposts. Other volumes are written by several different authors, including Kristin Eckhardt, Cara Putman, and Camy Tang. Each story features Sarah Hart, a 62-year-old widow who loves quilting and restoring old quilts. But it seems Sarah also attracts mysteries.

Sarah is a person who loves to help others. In every book, she solves a mystery, but more than that, she helps people. In this story, she is helping Bea and several other people connected to the quilt. She also helps her friend Martha, who is chairman of the school’s Fall Fair—a bigger job than she was prepared to take on.

Sometimes Sarah knows things I don’t, and I usually put in quite a bit of research for these books. This one involved some legal points I wasn’t familiar with, and so I contacted an attorney with my questions about the law. I also did some research on quilting and fabrics.

Threads of Love will be followed by one more book, the final story in this well-loved series. In my book, Sarah is shopping with Martha for the perfect wedding dress, so you can guess at least part of what will happen in the next book! (Oh, that was another part of my research—what is today’s second-time, older bride wearing?)

This is my fourth book in the Patchwork Mystery Series, and I’ve loved being part of it. The characters seem like real people, and ones I’d love to live next to. It’s aThreadsofLove little bit sad to see the series coming to a close. My other titles in the series are: Pieces of the Past, Nothing to Hide, and Secrets in the Storm.

 About the author

 Susan Page Davis is the author of more than forty published novels in the romance, historical, mystery and suspense genres. She’s the mother of six and grandmother of eight. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky. Visit her website at: .

 Thanks for sharing with us, Susan.

Readers, here is Susan amazing giveaway for you. I will choose two winners. You may choose the featured book, Threads of Love (this is hardcover), or you can choose from any of her other books. If you go over to her website you can see all of her books and see what format they are in, print or ebook.

Leave a comment by February 12th at 5:00 to be entered to win.