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True Identity by John C. Majors November 29, 2017

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Jock. Nerd. Popular. Band Geek.

We all get labeled. Sometimes in a good way; other times, not so much. But these labels don’t describe the real you–your TRUE IDENTITY. This book will help you think about what–and who–really defines you.

As you adventure into a life of greater independence, responsibility, and maturity, there is one thing you need to know: You are defined by your place in a greater plan than you can imagine. Not by society, your gender, your family background, or your friend group–but by Someone you can always count on.

Discover who you are meant to be and find the confidence to live out your true identity!

My thoughts:

This is a very important topic for teens. They are desperately trying to find their identity in this world. Honestly, even adults are. So this is a very timely book.

John starts with the basic foundation, our identity in Christ and how that is truly the foundation for everything else in life.

He tackles some tough topics, such as transgender and same-sex attraction. He handled it very well. My only complaint is I wish he might have talked about some the issues that lead to people believing they are transgender or gay. He didn’t touch on any underlying causes and I believe that plays a huge role in why kids are turning to these lifestyles. So, I was disappointed by that.

I did like how he handled the chapter on dating and that is one I for sure will be encouraging my daughter to read.

Overall, this is a very good book and I think important for our teens to be reading.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own. 


This Means War: A Strategic Prayer Journal (For Teens) August 27, 2015

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this means war


You’ve got battles to fight—on your knees.

The teen years can be tough; don’t try to make it through without one of your most powerful weapons—prayer. A companion book to the movie War Room, this new kind of journal will get you ready for a new kind of prayer life, one that’s strong, growing, and reflects just how powerful prayer is. Each short chapter tackles one of the biggest questions teens have about prayer, questions such as:

Why pray, anyway?What should I pray for? Are selfish prayers okay?Who should I pray for? Am I really supposed to pray for my enemies too?Will God listen? And will He answer? Just-right journaling prompts will then get you thinking—and praying—and reinforce the real power of fighting battles on your knees.

My thoughts:

I love this book for teens. It takes a simple, straight forward approach to introducing them to prayer and asking them questions to get them thinking about why it’s hard to pray.

At one point the teen is asked to be quiet for fifteen minutes and pray and reflect on what that’s like. Not easy for a teen but I love that they are being pointed in that direction.

I can see this book having a HUGE impact on lives if the child will actually go through it slowly and take the time to write down answers to the questions in this book.

I will say I haven’t gotten my daughter to do it yet and I don’t believe forcing her is what God wants. So I’ll leave it with her and hopefully one day she will decide to pick it up. Maybe you could do the same thing for the teen in your life 🙂

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Books-A-Million or your favorite retailer. (Book releases Sept. 1st)

A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. 


Project Inspired by Nicole Weider August 6, 2015

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project inspired


Nicole Weider is on a mission: to help young girls avoid the traps that culture sets. The trap that baits you into thinking you must sacrifice your self-worth in order to be beautiful and popular. Nicole launched Project Inspired in 2010 (, a website for teen girls that analyzes pop culture and explores ways girls can live in their authentic beauty.

In Project Inspired, Nicole shares tips for you to stay true to yourself—to how you were created to be—as well as how to dress modestly yet fashionably, how to make a positive difference in the world, and how to enjoy your teen years while standing firm in your faith. With photographs, real behind-the-scenes stories from inside the fashion world, and an honest look at living a life that looks great on the outside and feels great on the inside, Project Inspired is a book you’ll turn to time and time again.

My daughter’s thoughts:

I no sooner pulled this book out of the packaging and my daughter had it in her hands and devoured it in twenty-four hours. So I thought why not let her review it, someone who the book is geared toward? I decided to do it in an interview format. This the opinion of a thirteen-year-old girl.

What would tell your friends this book is about?

Beauty and Jesus.

What is your favorite part of the book?

The chapters True Beauty and Your Wardrobe Essentials and Defining Your Look and Must-Have Accessories.

What was your least favorite part of the book?

It was all good 🙂

Would you recommend this book to your friends?


Why did you like this book so much?

Because I’m very much into beauty, fashion and Jesus.

Her answers are short but I can tell you so loved the book and went on about it, showing me different things and then looking up Nicole’s website. Anything that draws my daughter closer to Jesus I am all about 🙂

Visit Nicole here. 

Here is the link to Project Inspired.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Books-A-Million or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to be in exchange for an honest review.


Uncompromising by Hannah Farver June 17, 2014

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Ask any girl on the street what womanhood is about, and you’ll get a blank stare in return. No one knows. Young women are devoid of vision beyond popularity, material wealth, a cute boyfriend or a dream career. Even in Christian circles, significant questions are often left unanswered: What’s the point of purity? Modesty? Femininity? What’s biblical womanhood?  Most of all, girls wonder at the longing in their souls for something greater.

Uncompromising:  A Heart Claimed By a Radical Love cuts straight to the heart of young womanhood. Rather than setting up rules, it pulls at the desire in every woman’s heart to live a life of purpose, fully surrendered to His radical love.  Written in an edgy teen voice, Uncompromising is a collection of “field notes” from the author’s own search for answers…and the story of how she stumbled upon the one Cause worth dying for.  Contains study questions for group or individual use.

My thoughts:

This really is a must read book for any teenaged girl. So much truth is packed into this book.

Hannah tackles tough issues with love and grace and she doesn’t hold back on what the Bible teaches.

As a mom I totally appreciate this book for my daughter, but even as an adult women who can struggle with issues of the heart I appreciate it as a reminder of who God created me to be.

I really liked the chapter on modesty, this chapter alone it worth the book. Hannah offers some great insights into the clothes girls choose to wear and asks why are you choosing the wear that? What is the heart behind that choice? This is a timely chapter for my daughter and me as summer is here and she sees a lot of girls wearing bikinis. I don’t allow my daughter to wear them. My daughter and I have also had conversations about that fact that it is part of our responsibility as women to help keep boys mines pure. If we dress in a way that will lead them to think lustful thoughts then we are part of the problem. Young girls (and women) need to take responsibility for how we dress.

I do think this book is geared more toward teens, I think my daughter might get a bit bored reading it, but she is only twelve. But this is a very good book and much needed.

Visit Hannah here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon or

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Captives (The Safe Lands) by Jill Williamson March 27, 2014

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Captives (The Safe Lands)


Jill Williamson

Book Description:

One choice could destroy them all.

When eighteen-year-old Levi returned from Denver City with his latest scavenged finds, he never imagined he’d find his village of Glenrock decimated, loved ones killed, and many—including his fiancée, Jem—taken captive. Now alone, Levi is determined to rescue what remains of his people, even if it means entering the Safe Lands, a walled city that seems anything but safe.

Omar knows he betrayed his brother by sending him away, but helping the enforcers was necessary. Living off the land and clinging to an outdated religion holds his village back. The Safe Lands has protected people since the plague decimated the world generations ago … and its rulers have promised power and wealth beyond Omar’s dreams.

Meanwhile, their brother Mason has been granted a position inside the Safe Lands, and may be able to use his captivity to save not only the people of his village, but also possibly find a cure for the virus that threatens everyone within the Safe Lands’ walls.

Will Mason uncover the truth hidden behind the Safe Lands’ façade before it’s too late?

My thoughts:

Like the title of this book you too will be held captive by this story.

I love how the book opens with Daniel 1:1, 3-5 where King Nebuchadnezzer takes all the strong young men from Jerusalem. This sets the stage for you are about to read.

Although this book is geared for teens I really enjoyed it.  I would say if you have a teen in your life who likes the Hunger Games series they would enjoy this book but it’s even better because God is part this plot.

A word of caution. There is talk about forced pregnancy because the Safe Lands are trying to rid themselves of this disease that is going around so they are trying to have babies that are born without being infected. However, there’s nothing graphic or detail about how these girls are getting pregnant, I was not offended at all.

I always recommend reading a book before you allow your child or read it with them so you can have a conversation with him or her about the content and you can voice your thoughts in a healthy way.

The three brothers in the book were so different and Jill does a wonderful job of giving them each their own voice and personality.

I think you will enjoy this glimpse into a possible future that isn’t so good but we are always looking for the same thing….hope.

Visit Jill’s website here.

Grab a copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Deeper Shopping or Books-A-Million.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.