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Review and Giveaway: These are the Days of Elijah by R.T. Kendall May 13, 2013


These are the Days of Elijah

How God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things


R.T. Kendall

From the back cover:

God used Elijah to accomplish great things–and He can use you, too.

Elijah is marked as one of the greatest prophets of the Bible. More than a gifted seer, he spoke directly for God, and with His authority. Elijah is the only prophet to have called down fire from heaven, and one of only two individuals in Scripture taken to heaven before tasting death. Yet this remarkable agent of the Lord was also very human, afflicted with the very same failings and fears you have. 

With keen insight and practical application, beloved theologian and teacher R. T. Kendall explores the triumphs and contradictions of this powerful man of God. You will love seeing how Elijah was like you–righteous but proud, strong but cowardly, blessed but tested by trial and doubt.

And you will take joy in realizing how God will use you, as He did Elijah, for His perfect glory.

My thoughts and giveaway:

If you enjoy diving deep into scripture and really taking it down and understanding it, then you will enjoy this book.

Each chapter focuses on a specific part of the scripture that talks about Elijah. The author takes the scripture to a place that we can really understand and believe that God can use anybody He chooses.

What I really enjoyed was reading this book right after I read Reign: The Chronicles of Queen Jezebel. It really gave a new understanding to read the fiction book first that has Elijah in it and then dive into the scripture.

The author takes you all the way from Elijah giving the prophecy of no rain until he is taken up into Heaven and Elisha takes over.

Elijah really was just a normal guy who was prideful at times and made mistakes just like us, but God used him in a powerful way. The main idea that I took away from this book was that even though I can fall so far from all God wants for me He can still use me and He can use you too.

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A copy of this book was given to me by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review.