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Review and Giveaway: Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar April 18, 2016

land of silence


Before Christ called her daughter . . .

Before she stole healing by touching the hem of his garment . . .

Elianna is a young girl crushed by guilt. After her only brother is killed while in her care, Elianna tries to earn forgiveness by working for her father’s textile trade and caring for her family. When another tragedy places Elianna in sole charge of the business, her talent for design brings enormous success, but never the absolution she longs for. As her world unravels, she breaks off her betrothal to the only man she will ever love. Then illness strikes, isolating Elianna from everyone, stripping everything she has left.

No physician can cure her. No end is in sight. Until she hears whispers of a man whose mere touch can heal. After so many years of suffering and disappointment, is it possible that one man could redeem the wounds of body . . . and soul?

My thoughts:

Tessa is a wonderful author. She brings something special to Biblical fiction and the same is true with her newest release.

Have you ever wondered about the story of the woman the reached out to touch Jesus’ robe? I have. I always loved her faith. Now Tessa brings this woman to life for us and gives her a story. It is a story full of heartache and wounds. Wounds only Jesus can heal.

I think what kept this story moving along for me was the fact that you knew Elianna was going to meet Jesus. I couldn’t wait for that to happen.

This story is also about not being defined by your past and letting go of things and accepting love from others.

This is a beautiful story that I am sure anyone who enjoys Biblical fiction will love.

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The First Hostage by Joel C. Rosenberg January 25, 2016

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the first hostage


“The president of the United States . . . is missing.”

With these words, New York Times journalist J. B. Collins, reporting from the scene of a devastating attack by ISIS terrorists in Amman, Jordan, puts the entire world on high alert. The leaders of Israel and Palestine are critically injured, Jordan’s king is fighting for his life, and the U.S. president is missing and presumed captured.

As the U.S. government faces a constitutional crisis and Jordan battles for its very existence, Collins must do his best to keep the world informed while working to convince the FBI that his stories are not responsible for the terror attack on the Jordanian capital. And ISIS still has chemical weapons . . .

Struggling to clear his name, Collins and the Secret Service try frantically to locate and rescue the leader of the free world before ISIS’s threats become a catastrophic reality.


I really have mixed emotions about this book.

It is definitely intense from the first page and doesn’t give you a change to come up for air. One thing after another keeps happening and you wonder who you can trust and what will happen next.

I had a bit an issue with the writing style, I had trouble connecting with the character and I wonder if it was due to style of writing.

But, this is a book that will give you a lot to think about in light of the events in our world and will make you wonder what if this stuff really happened, it’s certainly possible.

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Deadlock by DiAnn Mills October 1, 2015

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Two murders have rocked the city of Houston. Are they the work of a serial killer, or is a copycat trying to get away with murder?

That is the question facing Special Agent Bethany Sanchez, who is eager for her new assignment in violent crimes but anxious about meeting her new partner. Special Agent Thatcher Graves once arrested her brother, and he has a reputation for being a maverick. Plus, their investigative styles couldn’t be more opposite: he operates on instinct, while she goes by the book.

When hot leads soon fizzle out, their differences threaten to leave them deadlocked. But an attempt on their lives turns up the heat and brings them closer together, and a third victim might yield the clue that will help them zero in on a killer. This could be the case of their careers . . . if they can survive long enough to solve it.

My thoughts:

DiAnn Mill’s never fails at writing a page turner. This book is definitely that.

From the beginning I had my suspicions about who could be involved in the murders but there are some surprises at the end that I didn’t see coming.

So many layers to this story that will all get revealed at the end.

I loved both of the main characters. Bethany likes to play by the rules but she starts to see the benefits of thinking outside the box thanks to her partner, Thatcher.

He is a multi-layered character that makes him very interesting. He is fresh in his faith and trying to shake the image that Bethany has of him.

A theme prevalent in this book is family. Sometimes our families are in turmoil but when it boils down to it they are still our family and we still love them.

Overall, I wonderful read that will keep you up at night.

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DiAnn talks about her characers. Click here.

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Review and Giveaway: The Song by Chris Fabry January 1, 2015

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the song


Jed King’s life has been shaped by the songs and mistakes of his famous father. He wants to sing his own song, but the words and melody are elusive. Haunted by the scars inflicted by his broken family, Jed’s dreams of a successful music career seem out of reach . . . until he meets Rose.

As romance quickly blooms, Jed pens a new song and suddenly finds himself catapulted into stardom. But with this life of fame comes temptation, the same temptation that lured his father so many years ago.

Set in the fertile mid-South, this quest for success leads Jed and Rose on a journey that will force them to deal with the pain of loss, failure, and the desire to be who God created them to be.

Lyrical and deeply honest, The Song asks the hard questions of love and forgiveness. When even the wisest of men are fools in love, can true love persevere?

My thoughts and giveaway:

I saw the trailer for the movie before I even knew there was a book releasing and I wanted to see it. So when I saw the book up for review I grabbed the chance to read it (I haven’t seen the movie yet).

This is a powerful story based on King Solomon and the scriptures he penned. I love how the author wove scripture into the book and even into some of the lyrics to Jed’s songs.

Jed and Rose find each other and have an instant connection. Jed knows there will be more than one date and he is right. Rose is the girl he has been longing for. Someone strong in her faith and not willing to compromise.

Jed rises to stardom and you can see the signs that I have seen in my own marriage (not due to stardom but due to past wounds) and in many other marriages that trouble is ahead. Their tight bond is coming unraveled.

With the introduction of Shelby Bales comes the introduction of the enemy into this already rocky marriage. Shelby has come to devour and destroy. She is selfish and wants what she wants.

This is what our enemy, Satan, does. He looks for our weaknesses and then plays on them. He knows how to play the game much better then we do. He looks for the cracks in our lives and sneaks in before we even realize he has invaded our thoughts and before we know it we are acting in a way that is a part from God.

I have been there and it’s not a fun place to be, of course the enemy makes it look and once he has where he wants us he makes us miserable.

This is what happens to Jed King. But, you’ll have to read the book for yourself to see how that all plays out.

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Write to the Point with Michéle Phoenix May 15, 2013

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I didn’t have an author to interview this week but I do have a review and giveaway for you. Enjoy!

Here is a direct link to Michéle Phoenix’s bio, click here.


In Broken Places


Michéle Phoenix

From the back cover:

Shelby’s life isn’t glamorous, but it is predictable—and that’s the way she likes it. A survivor of her father’s violence, she has spent a lifetime creating a safe existence devoid of dependence.  But her carefully managed life begins to crack when she becomes legal guardian to Shayla, a four-year-old carrying a secret that shatters her world.

In a drastic attempt to escape her past, Shelby accepts a teaching position in Germany, hoping for a fresh start. But as she tries to adjust to a new job, a new culture, a new daughter and the ardent pursuit of a persistent basketball coach, Shelby begins to wonder if she made the right choice—or if the past will continue to threaten the future she desires.

My thoughts and giveaway:

First, I love the cover. You just know that little girl has to be adorable.

I so enjoyed Michéle Phoenix’s writing voice. Within the first page I knew I would like this author simply by her writing style. She has a way with her words that is a style I could never write and a way only she could.

This is the type of book I like to read. The main character, Shelby, has some brokenness from her past that she comes face-to-face with and she can’t run away and ignore it, she must deal with it. My heart breaks for her as I read about the abuse she suffered as a child, probably because a lot of the verbal abuse hit way too close to home for me. I remember the tension, the waiting to see if you would say something wrong that would set off a torrent of verbal bashing.

There is also a dash of romance, which I always enjoy as well.

The book is written differently. You start off in the present and then you go back about seven months when Shelby gets the child, Shayla. Then at times you go even further back into Shelby’s childhood. Although this breaks every rule new writers are told never to do, it totally works with this book and Michéle weaves it together beautifully.

If you like a deeper read that deals with the brokenness in the human spirit and the futile ways we try to protect ourselves,  you will want to read this book.

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Review and Giveaway: Wings of Glass March 4, 2013


Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes

From the backcover of Wings of Glass:

From the best-selling author of Crossing Oceans comes a heartrending yet uplifting story of friendship and redemption. On the cusp of adulthood, eighteen-year-old Penny Carson is swept off her feet by a handsome farmhand with a confident swagger. Though Trent Taylor seems like Prince Charming and offers an escape from her one-stop-sign town, Penny’s happily-ever-after lasts no longer than their breakneck courtship. Before the ink even dries on their marriage certificate, he hits her for the first time. It isn’t the last, yet the bruises that can’t be seen are the most painful of all.

When Trent is injured in a welding accident and his paycheck stops, he has no choice but to finally allow Penny to take a job cleaning houses. Here she meets two women from very different worlds who will teach her to live and laugh again, and lend her their backbones just long enough for her to find her own.

My Thoughts:

This is Gina’s third novel. She has previously published Crossing Oceans and Dry as Rain. I have not read her other books but after reading Wings of Glass I plan on it. If they are anything like this book I will love them.

I’ll be honest. I hesitated to read this book because I thought, I don’t want to read about an abused woman. But for some reason this book kept coming back to me and I decided to give it a try.

I am so glad I did. If I didn’t have to sleep I would have read this book in a couple of days. I didn’t want to put it down.

The women in this book are very endearing. Penny, the main character, frustrated me to no end. I wanted to grab her and say, “Stop giving that man chances.” She returned to her abuse over and over.

Yet, after thinking about it realize I did the same for years. I didn’t return to an abusive relationship but I returned to abusive thoughts and desires that nearly destroyed me and my marriage. Maybe that is why I love Penny and kept rooting for her to get it.

Like all of us, Penny gets a little help from her friends. Even after she ignores them and even hurts them they stay by her side and love her. That is what true friendship is all about, the kind of friends we all long for.

This is definitely not a light read, it deals with some very real issues, but I recommend it. It is so well written.

I think this would be a great book for book clubs. Discussion questions are in the end and if you do meals you could even have some fun with food from Africa 🙂 You’ll have to read the book to see how that comes in to play.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Here’s the giveaway: Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of this book by March 10th at 5:00 pm.