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Never Said by Carol Lynch Williams September 8, 2015

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never said


From bestselling author Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One), a contemporary YA novel about a family that has been caught up in what doesn’t matter and how two sisters realize that their relationship—no matter how different the two of them are—is most important.

In this contemporary YA novel by bestselling author Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One), fifteen-year-old fraternal twins Annie and Sarah are sisters, but that is where their interaction ends. Then Annie begins to withdraw from the family, forcing Sarah to investigate why-and the secret she uncovers changes their relationship forever.

Never Said explores not only the effects of abuse but also our world’s reliance on self, beauty, and other people’s perceptions. With themes of forgiveness, love, sacrifice, and hope woven throughout the story, teens and other fans of young adult fiction will be drawn to this story of two sisters who must find a way to come together and find the healing they both need.

My thoughts:

This novel was very different from anything I have read before. The writing almost poetic in nature.

This book won’t be for everyone, but I do think the intended audience (Teens) will like it a lot. Due to the subject matter I would recommend this for older teens, maybe fifteen to eighteen.

This book was a super quick read and the mystery surrounding Annie’s weight gain and change in personality kept driving me to read until the end so I could see what happened to her to make the change.

There is a sad tone throughout the whole book, but I think that goes with the thoughts in these young girls minds. Their thoughts aren’t happy. They are both dealing with struggles.

I loved seeing the two sisters find their way back to each other. There is definitely something about a sister and the relationship you can have with her.

I do wish there was more Jesus in the book. If I didn’t know this was a Christian book I don’t think reading it would give it away. Christ is mentioned once. I would love to have seen Jesus come in a redeem the hurt in this family. I think an opportunity to speak into young girls lives might have been missed because honestly, the only way to recover from our wounds completely is through Jesus Christ.

But, with that being said, I did enjoy the overall story and think teens will enjoy the book as well.

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Search for the Shadow Key by Wayne Thomas Batson January 29, 2015

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search for the shadow

Book Description

Book #2 in a trilogy from fantasy author Wayne Thomas Batson explores the concept of dreams and their effects on us.

Fourteen-year-old Archer Keaton discovers he has the ability to enter and explore his dreams. He is a dreamtreader, one of three selected from each generation. Their mission: to protect the waking world from the evil lurking in the Dream.

The Nightmare Lord has been thrown down, but his throne is no longer empty. Rigby Thames has taken up the evil mantle with Kara Windchil as his queen. Now the only living dreamtreader, Archer Keaton finds himself on the outside of two worlds looking in. Dream Walking Inc. is taking the world by storm, allowing Rigby to build an unstoppable empire. Worse still, Rigby has unleashed the Tendrils, shadow people who can cross over into the waking world. As Archer’s family and friends begin to disappear, unexpected help comes in the form of the Wind Maiden, a mysterious angelic being who seems to know how Archer can rescue his loved ones and defeat the new Nightmare King. But the cost may prove too dear for Archer to pay.

Steeped in epic fantasy and intrigue, this second book in the Dreamtreaders series teaches kids important Christian values such as being a light in the darkness, resisting temptation, and keeping your faith, even when you feel like you’re standing alone.

About the Author

Wayne Thomas Batson is the author of several bestselling novels, including The Door Within trilogy, The Isle series, and The Berinfell series. As a middle school reading teacher, Wayne writes adventures set in imaginative locales because he believes that we all dream of doing something that matters.

My thoughts:

Wow. I really enjoyed this book. What a great message for our young people. The author has written a book that I believe will capture the imagination and heart of many young readers…even us older ones.

This book had me hooked from the first page with Archer working at keeping the Dream and the real world from colliding. Archer is a typical fifteen-year-old boy, kind of. He deals with liking a girl that doesn’t like him yet he also has this great responsibility as a Dreamtreader that most kids don’t have to deal with.

I enjoyed his interaction with his siblings as well. Kaylie, his little sister captured my heart, what a precocious little girl.

The messages of resisting temptation and learning to discern truth and make wise choices are so important in this book.

If you or your child enjoys fantasy but you would like them to turn more toward a Christian perspective this is a must read.

I did not read the first book in this series but Wayne did a great job of weaving in the previous book so I didn’t feel lost. However, he did make me want to read the first book because this one was so good.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.