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The Gospel According to Star Wars, Second Ed. by John C. McDowell January 25, 2018

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In a new and updated version of this best-selling book, John McDowell explores the many spiritual themes that weave throughout the Star Wars films. From the Force to the dark side, the issues discussed in the films have a moral and spiritual complexity that, if paid attention to, can help us better understand our place in the world and our relation to others and to God. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, did not intend for his films to be mere entertainment, McDowell argues. Rather, he hoped his films would be used as a vehicle for moral education.

This new version has been thoroughly revised to include discussion of The Force Awakens and other new developments in the Star Wars universe.

My thoughts:

I love Star Wars. I didn’t become a fan until  a few years ago. Having a son will open your world up a bit. I never watched the original series as a kid, it did not look interesting.

But when I finally watched the original series and then the prequels I was hooked. I haven’t watched all of the new ones so I won’t give an opinion.

When I saw these movies I easily could make connection to my faith and the enemy so when I saw this book I was really excited to read it and see someone else’s preservative.

This is book is for die-hard fans. I am not that. This book was really over my head with Star Wars facts and history and I was bored. I just wanted to get to the Jesus stuff and those connections. I felt like it was weighted down with Star Wars facts.

So this book wasn’t for me. However, if you are a die-hard fan you might really enjoy this book, it just wasn’t for me.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own. 


One Response to “The Gospel According to Star Wars, Second Ed. by John C. McDowell”

  1. honeybeerosewritings Says:

    Don’t care for the title although I enjoy star wars for its storyline as a space opera. Unfortunately, the series is laden with eastern religious ideology.

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